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Here are all three pictures of all two of us at Monday night's Bloomington meet up. You can't even imagine how much fun we were having.
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Sorry to people there in spirit, we couldn't remember any one besides k8t to shout out to.

Oh well.
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Ahh, Soma. *wistful sigh* I have yet to find an equally awesome coffeeshop in Boston.
posted by brett at 4:42 PM on February 24, 2007

That's thirteenkiller!?
posted by goodnewsfortheinsane at 4:53 PM on February 24, 2007

That's thirteenkiller!?

Hah, that's exactly what I was thinking! She's too adorable for her nick!
posted by zarah at 5:19 PM on February 24, 2007

Like my pappy always said, just because you're adorable doesn't mean you can't murder young teenagers.

note for historical interest: my pappy did not actually say this. He said pre-teens. But I think the sentiment translates here.
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Yeah I walked into Soma around 8 30ish, maybe later, and looked around. Asked someone if they liked metafilter, because she looked like thirteenkiller, but she just looked at me like I was a stupid.
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Sound of one hand clapping.
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Oh man I was making a funny face :(
posted by thirteenkiller at 6:21 PM on February 24, 2007

Anyway, it was a fun time! We drank mochas and talked about stuff and there were twice as many people as showed up to the previous Bloomington meetup.

We'll do it again sometime, maybe we can get THREE people.
posted by thirteenkiller at 6:34 PM on February 24, 2007

You'll get me next time if you make the meeting during the day. Fat chance of that I guess.
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I'll be there, walking around with a big I <3 metafilter sign
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I ask young teenagers if they're thirteen killers all the time.
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Two people isn't a meetup, it's a Meta-tête-à-tête.

Oh, sure, first, I wasn't at the smallest ever meetup, because one person isn't a meetup. Now two people isn't a meetup, either. Pretty soon there will be no meetups left.
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are you still marrying peeg?
posted by quonsar at 8:43 PM on February 24, 2007

I was there in spirit!

Have one in mid-October and I'll be there. : )
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Yep I'm still marrying peeg.
posted by thirteenkiller at 9:11 PM on February 24, 2007

Is one hand clapping louder than one snark snarking?

Kudos, I got there a tad late so I guess without the big foam sword guy to look for it wasn't too easy. Sorry.
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Haha ztdavis, remember when that guy came up to us and asked if we liked Metafilter and we pretended to not know what he was talking about? That was lol.
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goddam peeps, didn't you notice me freaking smashing the coffee cups around in the kitchen and shit! It's hard out here for the sprirt world!

I was fired from the Runcible Spoon in 1985 for punching out the cash register, true story. I hear Jeff sold the jernt a couple years ago.

For a particularly spiritual experience of the Bloomington spirit world, I recommend some Hoagy on the ipod of a moonless midnight in the tiny cemetery and chapel next to the Union.
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Welcome to the very exclusive club of Smallest Ever MeFi Meet-ups. I suggest you choose a suitably awesome name for yourself. Let me propose something along the lines of The Quite Infinitesimalest MeFi MeetUp Past and Future YEAH!

In the interest of both causing and hindering confusion.

Also, I seriously wouldn't want to run across thirteenkiller in a dark alley, because 1) she looks vicious... VICIOUS I say! & 2) I try not to step on people, certainly not repeatedly, while perambulating with haste.
posted by Kattullus at 12:55 AM on February 25, 2007

thirteenkiller, you're a bad person. I mean that, of course, as a compliment.
posted by ztdavis at 1:56 AM on February 25, 2007

Don't worry, after the next meetup you will be able to say something along the lines of "and this time there were three times as many in attendance as last time!"
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That photo of thirteenkiller is going to give me nightmares; I don't come to metafilter to be terrified like that. What if my kid looked at that page? (If I had a kid?) Or my boss? (If I had a boss?) *shivers*
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Ah yes, Bloomington. I know where that is. But I think that what this stretch of Illiana really needs is a meet-up in CU. Not that I'd be willing to do anything to make it happen, mind you...
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That meetup needed more pointy hats.

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Now a CU meetup I might actually be able to make . . . Boltini's? Jupiters? Cowboy Monkey? Papa Freakin' Del's??

(washburn, these Bloomington folks are of the Indiana variety, not the Illinois variety).
posted by tr33hggr at 11:28 AM on February 26, 2007

hey tr33hugger,

I do realize that these handsome folks are Indiana Bloomingtonians--hence my reference to "Illiana," the odd and lovely word designating the not-always-so-lovely-in-real-life Illinois/Indiana border region (and also my reference to Breaking Away, the quintessential Bloomington IN film).

I think my vote for a CU meet-up venue would have to go to the newly expanded Blind Pig, but I'd be open to all your suggestions, too. Sadly however I'm still probably a bit too lazy to really organize such a momentous event.
posted by washburn at 10:53 PM on February 26, 2007

My dumb.

Sadly however I'm still probably a bit too lazy

Same here. Maybe in the spring, when the warmth and plants return . . .
posted by tr33hggr at 5:12 AM on February 27, 2007

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