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I wasn't sure the ettiquette of this, but uh, if you're in Southern New England and have nothing to do... I'm currently exhibiting at AS 220 gallery in Providence, through the end of the month. [a little MI]
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I've been debating posting this for weeks, and miss lynnster's post pushed me over the edge to say something about it. Anyhow, I'm sorry that I didn't post in time for the opening, but if you want to see me in addition to the art, I'm not hard to find.

My website is here, if you just want to see some of the art without going to the gallery.
posted by grapefruitmoon at 9:34 PM on March 11, 2007

Every Tuesday night, AS220 hosts maybe the best working jazz band in New England.

Congrats on the showing. I'll check out your stuff.
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It's good enough motorcycling weather for a Providence meetup, methinks. Just give me more than a week's notice so I can tell my weekend job what time I need off. I'm working next saturday 5PM-1AM (EDT, no matter what the timestamp says), if people want to go ahead and plan things short notice. Or, you know, stalk me.
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I work Saturday nights, but if people want to meet up AT Seattle's Mess, I'll be there :) Though the gallery is only open in the afternoons... anyhow, both my workplace and the gallery are right downtown and if people wanted to set a time to meet, I could get an hour off to go to the gallery.
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Geez louise... blame me why don'tcha.
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This really belongs in projects....
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It's not really a "project" in that it's not on the web. It's an in-person type deal... anyhow, if it should be taken down, then take it down.
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miss lynnster: What? I thought your post was awesome! And it also made me think "Oh yeah, I should really post about the gallery." So. Um. Not so much blame as... well... flattery?
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I'm teasing you. :) (I'm sarcastic sometimes.)

I think Mefites should support eachother. I think it kicks ass.
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Yay! I'ma gonna walk down there tomorrow and check it out.
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AS220, yet another thing that makes me miss Providence :(
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How nice that miss lynnster and grapefruitmoon came to understand and admire each other. Two talented women!
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I wouldn't mind a Providence meetup and/or a visit to AS220. I will definitely check out the exhibit at some point this month though. I am in Providence pretty regularly.
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Er ... I mean TUESDAY. Yes, I'll walk down to AS220 and view your work tomorrow.
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Wow, I just saw the now closed MeTa thread on this. I'm quite grateful to miss lynnster for stepping up to cover my back, much obliged.

I posted this here mostly because I had mentioned my work in a collage-related FPP at one point and some users at expressed interest, so I thought if I let people know that the stuff's in an actual gallery, people might be interested. I think that any "self-promotion" can be safely ruled out as I didn't decide to post this until after the opening had already happened. Any audience requirements have already been fulfilled.

Anyhow, just thought I'd go on record. I didn't mean to post anything that crossed any boundaries, I just thought it would be something of some interest to local MeFites and it didn't seem appropriate for Projects. *shrug* Anyhow, if people stop by and see the art, that would bring joy to my heart, but if they don't, I won't lose any sleep over it.
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