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City of the Big Shoulders MeFites: Soon comes my first foray into Chicago. I'll be there for business reasons, but headed out a few days early to enjoy the weekend of April 27-29 as a tourista. Any chance of a meetup?
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They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, but still I would love to get together with MeFites. I plan to spend 1 day in Oak Park looking at F.L. Wright stuff, and some time at the Field Museum (museums being my field...) but other than that, I want to see Chicago's sights and do the tourist thing. The evening I can be fairly sure I'll spend in the city proper is Saturday evening, April 28th. Aside from meetup ideas, travel tips are welcome (great blues bar? What must I eat?).
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soup in the city! I was just about to suggest a chicago meetup- I'll be coming back (and changing my lat/long) in April, so I'll try to be there if we have a gettogether.
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Oh. Hell. Yeah. It's on.
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perhaps. i'll be watching this space for details.
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I'm only going if baby_balrog goes.
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I'm only going if MeetMegan ... oh.
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I'll post again as it gets closer, but in the meantime, where's a good meetup location in Chicago? Somewhere easy for an out-of-towner to get to on public transit, please!
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Maybe someone who went to the Billy Goat meetup a while back could chime in on how that worked out? Anywhere in the Loop or near a El Stop is fine.

Miko, when in Chicago you need to eat an Italian Beef and a "Chicago Hot Dog" although we just call them "hot dogs" here.
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Simons in Andersonville? (Roughly Clark and Foster)
Edgewater Lounge? (Roughly Ashland and Foster)
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Monk's! MONK'S!!
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I'm a Chicago expat in St. Louis who needs to make a trip up, so if this becomes firm I'll be there. If you're going to be in Oak Park and still want to be el-accessible then maybe something West Loop or Near North or Bucktown/Wicker. May I suggest Northside Bar and Grill on Damen or Lotties in Bucktown?

Baby_Balrog, you crack me up. I met my sister's husband to be for the first time at Monks. Middle of the workday, albeit a Friday. I walked in, spotted her, and walked over. He jumped up and reached out to shake my hand. Spilling an entire pint of Guiness onto my pants. He recovered well and was a shoo-in for my sisters hand from the get go.

I'd do Monk's also.
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rbs writes "Simons in Andersonville? (Roughly Clark and Foster)
"Edgewater Lounge? (Roughly Ashland and Foster)"

I'd vote, somewhat selfishly, for either of those since they're within spitting distance of my house. Wherever you all decide will be fine.
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Simon's is a favorite of mine and I used to live in that 'hood. But a few weeks ago we moved a bit further north so if I were to be really selfish, especially for a mefi n00b, I'd suggest Moody's (roughly Broadway and Thorndale). With any luck there'll be good weather by then and Moody's has a great outdoor beer garden area.

Billy Goat on lower Michigan would be great too (again selfish, since I work in the office building above the Goat).
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I'll be nowhere near CHI town on that date, but I used to hang in Andersonville in the summers back before the Starbucks ate my friend's recording studio. Simon's is nothing but authentic. Love the place. If it is chilly and you really like your liquor warm, sweet and thick just ask 'em for some Glögg. I assure you, it is the cure for what ails you.
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Mmm. Moodys burgers and a pitcher of dark...
posted by jeanmari at 6:19 PM on March 21, 2007

Ooooh! I wanna meet Miko.

Billy Goat = awesome. : )
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