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Miko creeped me out, because I was just coming here to suggest my own Chicago meetup. Wednesday, April 25 at the Hopleaf. Details in the comments.
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Inspired by an answer to my own question on the green searching for good beer to drink while I'm in Chicago, I'm thinking of using my Wednesday evening to visit the much-suggested Hopleaf Bar. If I use the buses and leave my hotel around 6 p.m., I can get there by 7. Any interest from the MeFites?
posted by sjuhawk31 at 11:03 AM on April 11, 2007

Are you not in Chicago three days later when the other meetup was scheduled for? It seems weird to have two meetups in a city within three days of each other. The likelihood of good turnout at either is diminished because people don't know which one to go to.
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I'm not...I'm leaving that morning.
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If it makes it easier for anyone (like drinking two times in a week is really that much of a chore), I could potentially also "hold" this meeting on Monday, April 23, which is the day I get into town.
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Normal procedure would entail going to the other thread already in progress and suggesting a different time.

Also, I can't tell you how frustrating it was for the last San Diego meetup thread to have a whole bunch of people say they'd be there, and then once we decided on a place and time, they'd all stopped being a part of the discussion and couldn't attend because they were busy that night. Hopefully this is aleviated by the sidebar postings somewhat.
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Now having actually read the other thread, I understand why it'd be useless to try to change the date. Sorry about that.
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That's frustrating.

Well, I'll be there the day I'll be there. Hopefully a selection of folks will show to both.
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Can't the two of you shoot it out or something so I don't have to choose?
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We're both there on business, neither of us has flexible schedules.
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I'm actually there for pleasure, but already have my flight back to Philly booked. Miko was the first to suggest a meetup, so anyone who wants to, show up on Saturday to Miko's thing. Anyone who's interested in meeting me on Wednesday (or Monday), let me know in the comments here. If my meetup gets pushed aside in favor of Miko's, so be it. I'll find ways to entertain myself in Chicago, I'm sure.
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