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I feel like I might get a bunch of chirping crickets in response, but is there any interest in an Upstate NY meetup at some point in the near future? I'm not sure where the highest concentration of members is up here, but I'm located somewhat centrally in Syracuse... can we put something together?
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I'm in Ithaca and I don't have a car. I would like to come but obviously I can't unless there is a fellow Mefite in Ithaca or very nearby who can give me a ride.
posted by bread-eater at 8:39 AM on May 12, 2007

We wanted to do a Buffalo meetup at one point-- I don't know if it ever happened, but I would be interested.
posted by oflinkey at 8:45 AM on May 12, 2007

I'm in Buffalo, would be up for something upstate.
posted by voidcontext at 8:56 AM on May 12, 2007

I'd come to a Syracuse meetup.
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We're in Ithaca, and we'd drive to Syracuse (and there's 2 extra seats, so if someone needs a ride, no problem).
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Ah great! Also, I'm not wedded to the idea of Syracuse, but I thought it might be good due to the middle-ish of the state location for people coming from different directions. Maybe a daytime thing on a weekend or something so people who need to travel can make it?

I will wait and see if any more response builds up and then think about possible locations based on the number of people that might be interested and will take any ideas that anyone might have...
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I'll be visiting family for the summer from the middle of next week... in Big Flats. (You know - halfway between Painted Post and Horseheads.)

Actually, that's the Corning-Elmira area. Ithaca's about an hour away.

And, yes, interested.
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Man, why does this stuff always happen right after I leave an area?

Oh, right.
posted by Eideteker at 12:46 PM on May 12, 2007

Maybe I'll start throwing out some dates, assuming that we will do this thing in Syracuse. Saturdays are probably best for me:

May 26
June 9
June 23

Let me know which one of these days works best.

I'm thinking a picnic-type arrangement at one of the parks in the area (maybe Green Lakes?) or going in the opposite direction and enjoying the roast beef sammiches and beer of Clark's.
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I should be moving to Ithaca in a couple of months. Pencil me in for the next one.
posted by zamboni at 6:26 PM on May 12, 2007

Say hi to the crickets. And the garter snakes. Pond beavers. Wild Turkeys. Chipmunks. Woodchucks. Greenery. Etc.
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I might take a bus (or better, train) from NYC if someone gave me a place to stay.
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The June dates work for me.
posted by jaruwaan at 3:05 AM on May 13, 2007

May 26 and June 9 are good for me. June 2 would be fine too.
posted by bread-eater at 10:29 AM on May 13, 2007

May 26 and June 23 work for me.
posted by myeviltwin at 12:12 PM on May 13, 2007

I'm in Ithaca without a car and would like to go to one of these.
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May 26 and June 9 work for me.
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And ... perhaps Ithaca might be another location to consider? It's all extra-beautiful in the summertime -- maybe a picnic out by Taughannock Falls and/or a beer at the Chapter House would be in order?
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Actually, if someone in Ithaca or elsewhere wants to take over this discussion, that would be fine as I am finding that I may not be as free over the next few weeks as I thought to put this thing together.
posted by stefnet at 12:49 PM on May 14, 2007

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