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Attention: Los Angles(L.A.) I'm flying in and staying around the airport and working near the Staples center for a few days. I'd like to organize a meet up and meet some American mefites. If some one would be so kind as to pick a place and time I would love to show up and tell you stories about Canada or something.
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I should mention that I'll be in town from this Wednesday the 23rd to Tuesday the 30th.

Also I have no car.
posted by joelf at 3:11 PM on May 17, 2007

No car in L.A.?
Dude, you're doomed.

And over Memorial Day weekend? (That's an American Monday holiday)
Tell whomever you're working for to postpone a week and pop for a rental car. Wendell's orders.
posted by wendell at 6:15 PM on May 17, 2007

When on the 30th do you leave? That's when I get in.
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I am new to LA and dunno where to pick to meet, but would like to hear Canada stories. So if someone else selects a place...I'm up for it. I'm on the west side, free on the weekend and Memorial Day. If no one else steps up I'll pick somewhere closer to the date.

joelf, how does your company expect you to travel from LAX to Staples Center (~7 miles) each day without a car? That's some serious bus-riding, probably an hour or more in each direction, or the cab charges will be equal to the costs of a rental car.
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Don't believe his Canadian stories. He's a Canuck, talking to Americans, he can't be trusted! He'll tell you lies about the igloos and moose and Mounties and Canadian girls and beer and everything!

Trust me, you can't trust him.
posted by five fresh fish at 10:42 PM on May 17, 2007

Oh, the Canadian Girls... ahhh...

< / fellow canadian girl>

Would meet but alas, I'm in a more north part of California and without a car - hence my need to sympathize!
posted by rmm at 11:02 PM on May 17, 2007

I have a car now. So i'm up for anything.

If someone can pick a favorite spot and a time that'd be it!
posted by joelf at 9:07 AM on May 18, 2007

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