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Heading to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in a couple of weeks for the first time - any other MeFites planning on attending? (Anti-hippie comments to a minimum, please)
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Enjoy it! I've been three times and each was fantastic. Unfortunately, it's not in this year's cards.

Pace yourself, and make sure to hit up the late-night shows, the silent disco and to see at least three bands you've never heard before. And if you're a dude, or will be attending with dudes, bring gold bond medicated powder. It's hot.
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I would comment in this thread, but I just know it's gonna go straight to my hippies.
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Bring toilet paper and baby wipes. For real. You'll thank me. Also, rubber boots/wellies are a good idea instead of/in addition to sandals or leather or cloth shoes, because you can pretty much guarantee that there will be mud around the port-a-potties whether it rains or not, and that mud ain't just dirt and water.
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Plan ahead! Once you get in, you can't get out, so you'll have to take everything you need for the weekend to your campsite. Cilantro's suggestion is a good one.

I went a couple years ago, and it didn't take long for me to get completely fed up with all the stupid hippies, but I'll honor your request.

Stupid fucking hippies.
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Thanks for the suggestions - also still trying to decide between doing regular camping by the car or tent-only to be closer in, since we might not get there until Friday sometime, which is a little late.
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Camp by the car. There will be one point during the weekend when you will want to sit in the AC in your car, or when you will need something from your car, and camping by the car is the only way to get that.

When you drive in, the parking people will try to squish your car up close to other folks. This is your only chance to stake out a good bit of room, and you will need it.

Bring earplugs and eyeshades (and spend a few bucks on a battery powered fan) for sleeping. I did most of my Bonnaroo sleeping between five AM and noon. Without eyeshades and earplugs, it's very hard to sleep.
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Went to the first two, very excellent stuff. Was leery of going after that. (Yes, because it's too big, but that only bothers me for logistical reasons.)

That's a good idea kosem. Late morning and early afternoon are pretty much useless, miserable times. Glad you could sleep during them. Wish I'd thought of that.

I assume that, like all right thinking people, you have purchased a camel pack, so I will not suggest it. What are you eating? Unless you are a trustafarian or eat from the lots, you will go bankrupt feeding yourself.
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I went last year and trust me....tent-only is the way to go! If you are getting there on Friday it might not be an option but if it is, take it. You'll be ten minutes from Centeroo and you can pop back to your campsite for a quick nap.

Plus, you'll probably be able to see the main stage from your campsite and that is just too neat.
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I'll be there. Been to Coachella a couple of times, so I'm curious what this Bonnaroo thing is like.
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