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PHOENIX! Sometime in the evening, between June 11th and 14th. Probably that Monday or Tuesday, because I'd like to meet mullacc and I'm pretty sure he's leaving town mid-week. What say you, kings of sun, lovers of ale, revelers without abandon?
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Also, I'm staying at this jam and may or may not have access to transpo. Thinking about renting one of these, not sure which days, though. You can help me decide, by arranging our meetup!
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Also on MeCha.
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I hope you rent a bike, because Pointe South Mountain isn't in a great area. Well, except for the giant Fry's Electronics across the street.

Anyway...I prefer Monday night, but I can swing Tuesday or Wednesday. For venue, I suggest Casey Moore's again.

That's going be a big meetup week for me--I'll be meeting up with mefites on Friday the 15th in SF!
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My wife (chicken nuglet) and I are down for it. mullacc is right, the only things in walking distance from Pointe South Mountain are Fry's Electronics and Arizona Mills mall. But you really won't want to walk anywhere since it'll be over 100.

I recommend you check out the happy hour at Latitude 30 while you're there. Their tempura is awesome.
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The Pointe will drop you off and pick you up from Arizona Mills Mall if you decide to go. You have a few good restaurants on the Point property. If you want to go anywhere good though, get that bike or some form of transportation. Phoenix public transportation SUCKS. Just be careful over there. The Point is a weird place when it comes to traffic. On Baseline it gets really congested around 5 - 6 PM and on 48th St, which runs right through the Point, it gets pretty busy around this time as well. People in Phoenix are not great drivers and you will see that lots of people have problems figuring out how to use the round-abouts at the resort.
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Will Tempes prodigal son moift be attending?
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So does anyone have any suggestions for a location? I'm thinking somewhere for dinner, since I don't drink.
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We went to Four Peaks Tempe for our last mini-meetup. It's a good place to go for food & drinks and has plenty of space.

Near your hotel, we could try the place TungstenChef recommends and there's also Aunt Chilada's, which won't win any awards for authentic Mexican food but is still kinda fun.

Casey Moore's has okay food and plenty of room.

Los Dos Molinos would be awesome and would be easy for Eideteker to get to. Though it's the opposite direction from Tempe, where I think the others will be coming from. And it's closed on Mondays (I'm fine with a change of date).
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Los Dos Molinos sounds good. Is Tuesday at say, 7-7:30 good? I want to give people time to get there, but I can do it earlier if need be.
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Tuesday @ 7pm sounds good to me. Send me an email if you need a ride.
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Garr! Of course the first AZ meetup since I join just happens to be when I'm out of the country. Well, Tucson meetup soon? I've never commented much, but I'd love to meet some metafilter Arizonans.
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I'd go to a Tucson meetup. Hat Maui, blastrid, and I had a hand-shaking event at a concert recently—they're both cool guys.

If I can come up with a tank of gas I'll come up to PHX, but I probably can't. Tanks of gas are kinda pricey these days for a poor boy like me.
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I could be convinced to attend a Tucson meetup. But probably not during the month of June.
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I'm in Tempe until Tuesday afternoon for apartmenthunting. That's mostly irrelevant, but hey, if anyone feels like grabbing a brewskie or a bite somewhere..
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I'll and try and roll by as well, but I can't promise anything... I could really use some los dos, though... mmmmmmmm....
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