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Have a look at BBC Prom 6 from 10.15pm on the 17th July. Interested? I'm going to suggest a mini London MetaProm6 meet-up somewhere near the Royal Albert Hall. [MI]I'm free from 5.30. The Hubby can be here from 7. How about a mini-meet-up that ends up with Prom 6? (as opposed to the debauched ending our London Meet-ups normally have?)
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I'll be there, oversized Spem score in hand.

The BBC website has more info on Prom 6. It's a late-night concert, 10:15pm start. The BBC Singers and the Tallis Scholars singing an hour of Renaissance-era music, including some remarkable pieces scored for 40 independent voice parts (as compared to the four, maybe eight you'd usually get). Only £5 on the door (assuming we're promming).

Are we looking for somewhere to eat beforehand?
posted by chrismear at 2:26 PM on July 13, 2007

You guys are having a prom? Man, why don't we ever have a MetaProm on the East coast? We could ask each other out nervously, prick our fingers while we awkwardly pin on corsages, and then get wasted afterwards and do things we'll later (and sooner) regret!
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A cultural meetup! Would you Brits please encourage the BBC to sell the program to the Renaissance-music-starved Yanks?
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What's wrong with debauchery?
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In my case, the trail of bauch it leaves all over north London.
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Not that kind of Prom, Eid, but one of the Sir Henry Wood Promenade Concerts. Classical music, in the Royal Albert Hall. Lots of fun and culture to boot.

I'd love to come but am completely skint at the moment, so will have to save my presence for the Chain Gang weekend instead.
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Yes, of course we need to eat beforehand. It will avoid the dabauchery of our last Meta meet-up where we, um, forgot. To EAT!

And of course we're promming. Is there any other way?

Anywhere between Charing X and the Royal Albert would be good (ditto for drinks) Ideas Londoners?
posted by Wilder at 2:03 AM on July 14, 2007

Sah-weet, that just sounds like the ticketyboo. Yes, I would like to come along.
posted by adrianhon at 2:59 AM on July 14, 2007

The Royal Albert's just down the road from my evil work, so I can't really say no, can I?
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I'm in london thru this Friday so could perhaps come out - did watch some of the opening on telly last night at my grans. I'm very busy helping my mom move but am trying get out & have some fun for myself as well, so if I can work out where albert hall is... (I'm staying in central, westminster area)
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I'll be there in spirit, listening on Radio 3. Missing the days when I'd cycle from North London to go to a prom, then cycle back through Hyde Park and the deserted streets of Fitzrovia...
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The BBC does proms?


Do they do sock hops too?

(i keed. i keed.)
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Great idea, but I'm afraid I'll be out of town and will therefore have to miss this one. Have fun!
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Could we get Flashboy to suggest a meet-up area for drinks & possibly food beforehand?

I don't know this area at all.
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so is this on? when & where exactly? I could probably make it for a drink earlier if the details were provided, though I think I have to be up at hampstead around 8 for something related to my mother...
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Right. Annoyingly I can't now make it to the Prom, but I could probably meet up for an early evening drink if yous were so minded. I might even be able to recommend a location, if you fancy starting on the Kensington High Street side of things, as opposed to the other side.
posted by flashboy at 2:21 PM on July 16, 2007

Any suggestion gratefully received at this stage. I'm travelling from now so may not get to a computer. Cillit Bang has my number. at 7 I'll be near Charing X and will make it over to Kensington by about 8. So name the place!
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I'd show for an earlier drink & would love to catch the london mefites while I'm here (as I'm usually a NYer) but as I say I won't be able to stay long tonight. But name a place so I can start figuring out how to get there!
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Think I'm going to have to sit this one out. Take my turn on the bench. Sacrifice my shot at personal glory for the good of the team, if you will. Or something.
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Well if no one else will suggest a venue, the nearest pub I know (and by know, I mean "Have walked past many times") is The Crown, just off Fulham Road and a short walk from South Kensington station (map). It does food and there's a French restaurant next door, and I think another pub. I'll be there a bit before 7.
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Crap, sorry cillit bang, we've just had a little email discussion, and I missed your earlier comment here and left you out of it. Shit, sorry, that's really rude of me.

We have planned to meet at a sushi place called Kulu Kulu at 8 pm, which is at 39 Thurloe Place, SW7 2HP, just north of South Kensington station. Come one, come all, it's a conveyor-belt place, so I haven't booked tables or anything like that.
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Well it gets me out of that pub being crap and everyone blaming me.
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Anyone wants to come to the Royal College of Surgeons at Lincoln's Inn as early as 6pm (bar in the Nuffield) I'll be leaving from there I will firstly though have a drink in the luxurious surrounds so for a change why not meet me there?
Chris Mear has my mobile!
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I've never been to a meetup before but I'll be tagging along with adrianhon to check out the ticketyboo-ness. Sushi *and* proms! What more could a girl ask for?!
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I would have loved to meet you all - seeing as I just decided to stay in the area (hi Cillit bang et al) but am testing time stuff and may be horribly awry
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ah - london time is mine. See you next time
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I was there in spirit.

Listening to Prom 6 on Radio 3 was a profoundly moving experience as my room filled with twenty to sixty voices (depending upon the work). Although I've heard choral music before, I don't think it's had quite this effect, perhaps because for once I was able to concentrate and let myself be carried along by the voices.

As related by conductor Davitt Moroney during the short break in the programme and in this preview from The Independent, in Striggio's Mass 'Ecco si beato giorno' in 40 and 60 parts he found one of the great lost works of the Renaissance, which in my terms is like tracking down Shakespeare's Love's Labour's Won or the first great (but wiped) Doctor Who historical Marco Polo.

What was staggering about the work is that each of those voices is working in unison, but for much of the time are singing to their own agenda. I kept thinking about the large cathedrals, in which the main thrust of the space also includes side chapels in which people can worship in their own way, but still working towards that common cause. So although there is a general wave of sound, within that you can hear a soprano slipping off into a different tune or a tenor attempting to break loose.

I wish my vocabulary was more extensive -- I'm simply not equipped to enunciate the nuances. But it is another occasion in which my preconceptions have been confounded and tonight more than ever I wished I'd been there. Of course your imagination has the best pictures, but the sight of eventually sixty voices, sonically parting company then gathering again must have been extraordinary.
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I staggered in from the pub in time to catch the whole of the last piece, which was a bit big for my brain to cope with at the time... any of you care to contribute an eyewitness account?
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I was transported, that's all I can say really. Feelinglistless sums it up. Just as much as seeing the performers, was seeing audience members lying down on the ground in exctasy.

There are pics!
it was Adrianhon, Kirjava, kairab,Wilder & Cillit Bang for Sushi in Kula Kula, then a realtively short time queueing (well, they're all such interesting people!) and I hope they get a chance to post them later. Poor Chrismear after organising the whole thing missed it! But we all sent him a vote of thanks
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My photos are up now: - kirjava is putting hers up shortly as well.
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Tremendously beautiful music, period instruments were great, and the Royal Albert was amazing. If I'd known how easy it was to go to the proms, I'd have gone ages ago! Sushi was definitely yummier and cheaper than Yo Sushi. Nice to finally meet some Mefites too. All round, great fun! I've added my photos to the pool too.
posted by Kirjava at 4:13 PM on July 18, 2007

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