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Well, it's official, my house is on the market as of yesterday, and it looks like we'll be moving out to the east coast sometime this fall. I'd like to meet up with my Mefi friends for at least one last big bash. What say ye, Madison, Wisconsinites?
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We'd need to figure out date/time/place details. I'm open evenings after 7 any days of the week, and early evening to late evenings on any weekend.
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Funny, this has nothing to do with the meetup (I'm way too far away) but, you know how in times like this you sometimes have a song that becomes "the soundtrack" for that period/transition of your life? Today chococat posted a song about selling the house and moving.

Didn't mean to derail, just thought I'd mention it. Hope you like the song.
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Sheesh, thanotopsis, leaving so soon?? I'm in! I promise no pirates this time! Really!!
I, too am wide open as to schedule. Anybody have some restrictions we could schedule around?
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Where on the East Coast?
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East coast of Lake Mendota or Lake Monona?
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Anybody have some restrictions we could schedule around?

Yeah, I can't go. Schedule away.
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East side! If you're moving to Philly, welcome! If you're moving to Baltimore, I'm so very sorry.
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Where on the East Coast?

We're moving back to Stamford, CT, as we've got friends there, my office is there (I'm a telecommuter, currently), and my wife's convinced the schools are better than here. I'm of many minds about it, but willing to live anywhere. :)
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I'd love to finally make it to one of these, but won't be back in town long enough to rest until August 13. So I'll just keep my eyes on this thread. :)
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What say we pick a date, pick a location and let fly the emails of meetup to see if we can make anything happen?

Again I'll vote for someplace central, Genna's? Paisan's has that spiffy new deck which I have yet to try. The Plaza? Nick's? Work with me, people.

Thursday July 26th?
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The 26th sounds good to me, but it might be a little soon if we starting sending out emails today. Perhaps a week later? I'm personally fine with the date, I'm just figuring we need time to get people enthused.
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Executive decision time.
August 2nd. 8:00 pm. The Up North.
...even if it's just the two of us....
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I've added it to the calendar. I'm going to start sending out emails to those that are "close" to me.
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I have also marked the date/time on my calendar. Maybe you would all be willing to wish me happy belated birthday... I turn 44 on Aug 1st.
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Thanks for the email, thanotopsis! I completely missed this thread. Count me in!
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We're on!
The Meetup's afoot!
I'll see whomever shows up tonight. I'll be the one wearing shoes and a belt of some sort.
And pants. I'll try not to forget pants this time.
If I can convince The Floyddettes to accompany me they'll be there too.
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I'll be there. Apparently, I'll also be wearing pants.
posted by thanotopsis at 1:09 PM on August 2, 2007

Everyone, all three of us, did arrive with pants. Good conversation.
posted by chase at 3:27 PM on August 3, 2007

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