Any UK MeFites going to the Battle Of Ideas? August 12, 2007 10:33 AM   Subscribe

This year's Battle of Ideas will take place on 27 & 28 October at London's Royal College of Art. It seems like the sort of thing people here would be interested in, anyone else going along? Much interesting discussion will be had no doubt and presumably a not insigificant amount of alcohol (if the governments binge drinking figures are to be trusted) will be consumed post-debate. Disclaimer: One of my friends is talking at the event and many of them are involved in the organistation that runs it.
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Confusingly, is the 2007 site, while (linked above) is the 2006 site.
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My idea can totally kick your idea's ass.
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My idea has already kicked your idea's ass and also the ass' of it's parents, grandparents, grandchildren and otherwise extended family members.
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Hmm, maybe, though I think I'm too much of a cheapskate to spring for both days.
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Pint to any attending Mefite who punches Frank Furedi or Mick Hume.
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Here's an idea they can battle out -- how about next year they just upload the updated site pages to the same server as the previous year's event? Or am I thinking all crazy out of my head again?
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Unlimited lifetime supply of pints to any attending Mefite who persuades Claire Fox and her downright sinister ilk that it's time for these endless reinventions of the Revolutionary Communist Party to stop. Now.
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It looks really interesting. I may go on the Saturday.
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