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In searching on whether there had been any recent meetups in Tucson, I found recent evidence of a desire for a meetup in Tucson. I live here for the next three months (excepting some weekends), and while I'm too busy melting right now to really want to go out, it would be awesome to meet some mefites in the near future.
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I've lived here the past very long time. I'm leaving in a month. I'd be in for a meetup, the sooner the better for me. You should pick a day, pick a place (University? Downtown? 4th? not the Moon, some place with a patio?) and say "Be there!"
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Tell you what, if nothing comes up sooner I will definitely be in the Hotel Congress lobby before the New Pornographers show at The Rialto on Friday, Sept. 21. Say around 7pm.

If something comes up sooner, I'll be there too.
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Since I'm new in town (arrived on Sunday), I don't really know places. I'm actually up in Oro Valley but it pretty much feels like Darkest Suburbia over here so I hesitate to suggest trying to find something near me.

At this point I have no plans from approximately here till Labor Day, other than this Friday.
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Well, welcome to Tucson!

Let's see, just arrived, 3 months, I'd say you were a UofA student but Oro Valley doesn't jive. OV's mah hood, where I grew up, and yeah it's not exactly central to this big sprawl of a town. There's Tohono Chul Park's tea garden or some chain like Fox & Hound for imbibing, but something central would be better all around. Even if you're not, I think most of the MeFites are based at, in, or around the UofA.

What about Frog n Firkin? Decent food, decent bar, and a nice misted patio in the evenings. It's practically on UofA campus, though, so probably clogged with students nonstop these days. I'm partial to the Red Garter, but I understand not a whole many other people feel the same way. I am open to suggestion, and don't want to rule anything out.

Friday's no good for me either, in general. Weekends are best, but something in the early evening mid-week would work fine too.

Also, the reason I suggest you (as the thread-starter) pick a date, place, and time is so we can put something on the sidebar. This thread will flap right off the front page in a day or less but if you put some definition on things early there'll be a notice up until the day after the meetup.
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carsonb: I love the Red Garter. I also like Bison Witches, but I'm certain that with classes back in session, it's probably crowded as all hell.

Alternatively, we could go to the Thunder Canyon Brewery at the Foothills Mall. It's not close to downtown, but traffic will be easier to negotiate.

Frog 'n Firkin is crowded no matter when you go. I don't know how people enjoy themselves there. I'd much rather go to Gentle Ben's where there's a home brew and more space to spread out.
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And here I always thought MeFites would be more of a Danny's Baboquivari crowd ...
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I just moved here a little over a month ago, and I'd love a meetup. Count me in!
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The Red Garter is great, and Bisonwitches is great, but always crowded (and maybe not the most conducive to a meetup,) but I'd be willing to go anywhere, provided it's on/near a bus line. And cheap.
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Ok, well, that's a coupla people good with the Garter. Two things about it, though; 1 it's a bar (that is, 21+) and 2 it's not exactly close to Oro Valley (Speedway & Country Club). Aside from that, it's a good place for a gangly group to hang out. Lots of pool tables, a patio, a great jukebox, fried food, etc.

And, let's see, looking at the calendar...I think this weekend is too soon, and next weekend is Labor Day, so how about Thursday Sept. 6? That gives us a bunch of days of exposure on the sidebar too.

Tucson Meetup
The Red Garter (Speedway just E of Country Club)
Thursday 9/6/07

I'll let this hang here today in case there's any vehement objection or better suggestions.
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Uh, say 7pm?
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Works for me.
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Sounds good.
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OK it's up.
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So, uh, how are we going to know each other?
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I'm half-expecting us to be the only people there, but that's just silly. I'll try to get there early and have a MeFi sign out on the table. Probably start out on the patio just so I can ogle everyone coming into the bar. Worse comes to worse, just ask the one of the barmaids for me and they should be able to set you right.
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Ok, cool. I was afraid there'd be a lot of me wandering around and furtive glances at possible metafilter members.
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Reminder bump to the top of Recent Activity. See you tonight!
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There's a possibility that I won't make it. I'm trying very hard to get my work done before 7:00, but there's a chance that I won't.
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Where was everybody? Far as we could tell, only crinklebat and I were there.
posted by Snyder at 10:39 PM on September 6, 2007

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