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Sooo, I'm going to be in London starting from Sept. 17, leaving on the 22nd. I was just wondering if any of the good people of London would be so kind as to spare a couple of hours for this lone NYC delegate.
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Though I'm sure most of you are unfamiliar with my posting stylings I've heard good things about y'all and hope to, um...leave a good impression and foster a good cultural exchange...or some such?

I realize it's kind of an awkward timespan being all on weekdays, and not expecting anything huge. Just, you know, throwing it out there.

This is my first time doing a call for a meetup, so sorry if I sound a little nervous. I'm not even sure if I'm doing this right. For some reason I can't shake the feeling like I need to bring something to the table...I feel like I need to provide references or something...
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I will provide a reference for kkokkodalk! She is absolutely lovely. You want to hang out with her.
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We Londoners fear not meeting up on weekdays. We positively revel in it.

However, I'll leave it up to someone else to suggest a time, date, and location, because my traditional role is to then discover that I can't make it then and will have to drop out. And I'm a stickler for tradition.
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I would be up for something. Should we use you as an excuse to go somewhere vaguely touristy?

Later is better for me on weeknights and I am probably in the minority on that issue -- I'll try to be there regardless of the time. The 17th or 21st would work best for me.
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This is my first time doing a call for a meetup, so sorry if I sound a little nervous.

Adorable! I say Thursday (the 20th) because I'm going to France on the Saturday and I doubt flying + Mefi meetup the previous night mix well.

I think somewhere in Soho perhaps? Would give you an excellent taste of the casual night life and it tends to buzz on Thursday just as well as a Friday there. Two places which do both food and excellent drinks are Garlic & Shots and Glasshouse Stores, which is one of the classic Sam Smiths but definitely the most gorgeous of them all.

Looking forward to seeing ya at last, kko.
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Woo, thanks for the ref, Pink...now about cosigning with me on that loan...

(waves at hugsnkisses)

As far as meeting folks I don't mind doing a twofer. I'm one of those weird tourists who like to get to know the people who live there more than just looking at buildings. Even if it's not like an official meetup, just something unofficial like a secondary in a dive somewhere is perfectly OK. Could plan that in here or email in profile and all that jazz if it comes down to that.
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I will also be visiting from San Francisco at the same time, I'm excited to see this. Assuming I can break away from the family I'll be visiting I'd love to come out too.
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Thrusday 20th would be great for me because I'm in town for a course that day anyway.
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Okay, well, in the absence of anybody else saying it, I'm going to propose the following: Thursday 20th September, from (random time plucked out of the air) 6.30 onwards, in the Glasshouse Stores, Brewer Street, Soho. Anybody object?

You know, I think I can actually make it.
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Date and location sound good to me!

And may I ask what a "fruit machine" is? I'm thinking it's a vending machine that dispenses fruit, but for some reason that's too simple an answer.
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It's a gambling slot machine.

Assuming I don't get stranded on Shetland, I'll be there.
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Sam Smiths pub + weekday night = attendance though probable regret the following day.

hugnkisses, may I respectfully refer you to a previous comment of mine regarding Garlic & Shots.
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Dang, I'm away then. I'm doing *really* badly with meetups recently.
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kkokkodalk, I am sadly away from London that week, as you know, so can't make a meet-up. But I hope you have a rip-roaring time!
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chrismear: It's ok, I'll just pester you when you're in town over here. And I mean it. I'll just sit next to you and poke you continuously.
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Drink! Grrls! Feck!

Sounds good.
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Finally a meetup I might be able to attend. Count me in for now.
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I'm gonna be in London from Oct 1-6th. If there's a meetup that week, I'll be there.
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Oh, how there will be a meetup.
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Mathowie in London? God damn. This will truly be a meetup to rival all meetups!
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Mathowie in London necessitates a meetup. Please can we have it on the 4th, 5th or 6th?
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How about "and"?
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I'm gonna be in London from Oct 1-6th. If there's a meetup that week, I'll be there.

Start your own thread, hijacker.
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I'll post a reminder thread when it gets closer to the date. That's OK to do, right?
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I'm gonna be in London from Oct 1-6th. If there's a meetup that week, I'll be there.

Hah, then this Sep 20 meetup is going to almost certainly turn into a 'plotting what to do with mathowie in London' meetup.

I've already got the gallon of chicken jalfrezi on order, now I have to source a suitable hosepipe.
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I'm up for this, finally in London and able to turn up to a mefi type shindig. Woo!
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Oooh. October 1st's my birthday.

Relevance to conversation: minimal.
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If there's a meetup.

If there's a meetup
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I will be in London Sept. 30 - Oct. 3. I know I don't have the celebrity draw of a mathowie, but I've already been looking for a place to drink a good pint, and wouldn't mind meeting some mefites while doing so. Oct. 1st or 2nd would be ideal.
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Sorry KKO, would love to meet you but I am out of the country. and would all the other thread pirates get their own! (thread that is!!)

Does anyone want me to book the formal Council Room of the Royal College of Surgeons for Matthowie's visit? Seems appropriate somehow!
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When you go to a party in real life, do the guests wear little badges saying "Eighty percent of tonight's guests think I'm a lush", "Ninety percent of the men here think I'm loads of fun but ninety percent of the women hate my guts and think I'm a slut" "Forty percent think I'm a dork. Forty percent think I'm shy and sensitive." [*]
This is just an advanced warning as to why you might wake up the morning after the meetup with a sticky badge in a rather odd place that says "A hundred percent of tonight's guests think you shouldn't have done that last shot".
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kkokkodalk, if you were coming a week earlier, I could make it as well.

As it is, if anyone will be nearby the Jerulsalem Tavern on Thursday the 13th, please let me know. I'm in the Horsham area (!) for Monday-Wednesday and thereafter in London until Saturday afternoon.
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Sep 20th out for me now, sorry. Driving up to Norfolk that night. Preference for Tue or Wed in early Oct if anyone's planning...
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Sorry for the weird silence. I've been relying on public internet access. Anyhow, lots of talk upthread of when different people want to meet up in London, so just to clear it up a bit for people showing up for THE 20th, it will be at the Glasshouse Stores starting at 6:30 as flashboy has so kindly stated upthread.

Also I forgot to warn everyone that I really really can't identify people that well in a crowd. I'll be um...wearing a blue/green patterned shirt. Kind of like an Art Deco/Art Nouveau roses thing going on. Does that work? It's a really loud pattern (at least I think so), can't miss it. So, um...come find me.
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Good news for people who want to identify the group:

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That's this sign, in case the uninitiated were wondering.
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Time to open a book on whether you leave it at work.
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Wow. It still has those teeth marks on it.
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I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have to miss this one after all. Sorry not to get to meet you this time, kkokkodalk.
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Started captioning them, but then noticed the time and the fact that I have to be up in 5½ hours so I stopped. Uh, feel free to tag the pictures with usernames, because obviously I've forgotten already who any of you are. I am muppet.

Also, cherry beer = good.
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Those are wonderful photos, flashboy. I'm so sorry that I missed the meetup - it looks like it was a great crowd.
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Great photos and a good night - kkokkodalk is great - I'm smitten.
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