server timeouts - anyone else? December 12, 2001 8:56 AM   Subscribe

Since about 6:00am PST, I must have had about 30+ server timeouts like so:

Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Diagnostic Information
Request canceled or ignored by serverServer busy or unable to fulfill request. The server is unable to fulfill your request due to extremely high traffic or an unexpected internal error. Please attempt your request again (if you are repeatedly unsuccessful you should notify the site administrator). (Location Code: 26)

Anyone else having problems?
posted by davehat to Uptime at 8:56 AM (8 comments total)

I have a feeling that this could be megway related.

(BTW, I haven't checked that link, I could do without another time out, I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about by now though)
posted by davehat at 9:23 AM on December 12, 2001

i'm getting the same problems, dave.
posted by moz at 9:32 AM on December 12, 2001

And of course, every time it happens, what do I do? Hit reload. Yah, that's the right way to deal with a busy server. I think a walk around the block is in order.
posted by gleuschk at 9:43 AM on December 12, 2001

Should be better now.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 10:12 AM on December 12, 2001

sorry matt... i'm still getting those errors (at least 2 per pageload)
posted by moz at 10:28 AM on December 12, 2001

Wheeee! I finally got through! It's been hell all day. Last two time-outs after 10:12.
posted by MiguelCardoso at 10:44 AM on December 12, 2001

Server's getting overloaded due to Megway video stress. There's a mirror of the video on my site, if that helps lighten the load any. I suspect the traffic to Megway will get worse before it gets better.
posted by anildash at 10:59 AM on December 12, 2001

I got one about 5 minutes ago, but apart from that, no problems.
posted by eoz at 5:06 PM on December 12, 2001

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