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Proposed: Indiana Meetup(s) in November.

I'll be in Indianapolis Oct. 27-Nov 16 for this seminar. I'd like to try a Bloomington area meetup on Saturday, Nov. 10th or Sunday, Nov. 11th, -- I have a free day that Sunday and want to have a look at Bloomington. But I also will be residing in Indianapolis the rest of the time and have most evenings free. So, potentially could even be 2 meetups, one per city. Anyone game?
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Oh man, I've been craving a trip to Bloomington. I haven't been back since I moved away three and a half years ago, and I owe several friends a visit. I'd almost be tempted to fly in.

But it turns out we're doing a massive birthday party for my mom in Montreal later in the month. That's going to suck up all my travel budget and time, so no go.
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There's probably a dozen or so MeFites in the Indy area; hang in there and some of us may even be free :) (Athough I keep strange hours, working nights and all: I'll probably never make a meetup because of that.)
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Wow, so lonely. I'll try not to take this personally.

But seriously, I'm calling Bloomington for Sunday afternoon, Nov. 11th, I'll do some research on where and when, and I'll re-post when I get to Indy and maybe something will come together.
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Oh hey! what a great time for me to actually go to the grey. I'm game. I work nights as well, but not on weekends. I am totally up for this though I may need reminding via my email... I don't really come to the grey too often.
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Hiya. Me and hubby (former member) would probably be around. We live in Bloomington, but we would also support an Indianapolis Shapiro's meetup.
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Anyone have a suggestion for a Bloomington location for the 11th of November (late afternoon probably?)

Shapiro's looks tasty. I'll call something for there on another evening while I'm in Indy, since I'll be staying there. I just want to make a point of visiting Bloomington.
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Soma (coffee shop) is where we did the last Bloomington meetup.
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