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I'm gonna be in Asheville next week starting Wed, Oct 24 through Tues, Oct 30 if any interested Mefites want to get together. Anyone looking for an excuse to go for a day hike to some waterfalls (or something equally breathtaking) is especially encouraged. :)

The friend putting me up wants to take me to an art opening Friday the 26th, which could be cool to work around a meetup, but I'm open to any suggestions, and looking forward to exploring a town I haven't seen in 15 years.
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The burgeoning Mefi population of, well, a very small handful welcome you to the megalopolis that is Asheville, or as the locals call it, North Florida (yecch, not really). I'll be around but on call and thus unable to drink, but there should be plenty of opportunities to make merry. Drop myself or mygothlaundry a line and we'll see what's cookin'
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Sounds great, moonbird, thanks. I'd emailed mygothlaundry and we were thinking about maybe doing something the night of Thursday the 25th. If anyone else wants to join in, or meet another time, post here or feel free to email me at, the address I'll be using while I'm there.
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We are so ON for Thursday night. Should we combine with Drinking Liberally or do our own thing? Ooooh, and can we put it up on the meetup sidebar thingie?
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Cool, I put it up on the sidebar. Where should we go?
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Go to the botanical gardens and say hi to the big birch tree that Amy and I got married next to.
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I'll definitely be there, and will check this thread for updates.
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Awesome. If folks want to have dinner too someplace that likes vegetarians would be great, but other than that I'll defer to y'all who know best. Joining the Drinking Liberally folks sounds cool, too; I've met some of the Raleigh crew and they're nice people.

Oh, if anyone wants to make plans for hiking or something apart from a meetup, just use MeMail now that it's live and forget using that yahoo address.
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I'd love to have dinner. I'm not sure about the price range, but if we can all afford The Laughing Seed they have wonderful vegetarian food. If not, Rosetta's Kitchen is much more informal and very delicious vegan / vegetarian food. Either one works for me. As for drinks, I have a few favorite spots around town, maybe BoBo or the New French Bar.
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Also, I'm going to try and drag bennie up from Greenville to join us. He's a newbie, yes, but a great guy and can totally talk anyone's ear off about music and high gravity beer.
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What about Flying Frog? We could do drinks & heavy hors d'oeuvres - Indian, lots of veg friendly options - there. Laughing Seed is out of my price range.
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I would love to attend, but I am playing music that night at Bobo. You are all invited to drop in! And by invited, I mean that I personally pledge to give you a great soundtrack to an evening of drinking and talking about Mefi and making shoutouts.

(My band, Ashes in Order, is a guitar/accordion duo, and we play original songs and a fair bit of Tango and Balkan music. The show starts 9-ish, and there is an opening act.)
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Flying Frog and BoBo sounds like an awesome plan! We could have some yummy food here (I like the black bean hummus wrap with sprouts and cukes) and then head down to BoBo (one of my favorite places to hang anyways) for really delicious beer, wine, and sake, with good music and dancing to boot.

Is that a plan? Meet at the Flying Frog at....7?
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When I said "here", I meant Flying Frog, because that is in fact where I am right now, smoking cigs, drinking coffee, and surfing the MeFi.
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Sounds like a great plan. Flying Frog for hors d'oeuvres and drinks at 7pm Thursday, then whoever wants can be off to BoBo for music at 9.

I'll be there, then, unless something else develops here, before then.
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p.s. i like guitar/accordion duos a lot
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Yay! See you all (hopefully) at the Flying Frog at 7 on Thursday! Thanks for posting and putting this together, mediareport.
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Awesome! I will see y'all there at the Frog on Thursday - let's plan on outside if the weather is doable.
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Great! If anyone else is attending, mention it in this thread and I'll put you all on the guest list at Bobo.
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Meet-Up Newbie Question: How do we, you know, recognize each other?
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By the ornateness of you plate of beans, of course! :)
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I'll bring an attractive sign that can also be used for the obligatory shout out photos. Yes, I am an experienced Meet Up Veteran and I have a CD you may wish to purchase - for only $224.99, you, too can achieve a state of zen like calm as you approach total and possibly axe wielding strangers at some weird bar where you've never been before.
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Lazaruslong: If you want to set up on the way to the meetup, we will be fiddling around with soundcheck berore the gig--definitely by 8:00. Thanks again for offering to record the show.

Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Oh, and are the axes going to be provided, or should I bring one from home? The secret email was kinda unclear on this point.
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Benjamin: Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I meant to shoot you a MefMail. My equipment is reserved until Sunday for some friends recording a home demo. Alas, alack, welladay. But I am definitely going to get your contact information and we can do it next time you play BoBo.
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That's okay, no worries!
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zomg what a great meetup. the photos are gonna embarrass me though. good night mefi. heh.
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"meh - fee"
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Asheville Meetup Pictures.
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