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Phoenix/East Valley Meetup, por favor?

I return to Arizona every year to see my family. I don't know why it never occurred to me to propose a meetup!

I'm in town from November 30th to December to go to my dad's redneck wedding. How about Saturday the 1st for the meetup?

I'll be staying in Tempe, so meeting somewhere thereabouts would be ideal. I have a few ideas for a location, but does anyone have any suggestions?
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I always miss AZ meetups but I think I can really make this one:

My three favorite Tempe bars, in order:

Casey Moore's - 850 S Ash Ave, Tempe
Rula Bula - 401 S Mill Ave, Tempe
Tavern on Mill - 404 S Mill Ave, Tempe

All of them get pretty busy on Saturdays, especially after eight, but they're all good - relatively casual, with great patios to take advantage of Phoenix's amazing winter weather. Rula Bula or the Tavern might have a cover later in the night depending on the time.
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Wow, I hope I can take credit for this one, even if I can't make it.

It's probably way out of your way, but Los Dos Molinos was GOOD.
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Bad timing...I moved to DC in September. Hope y'all have fun.
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6 East and Long Wongs are gone, never mind the Sun Club and Edsel's Attic; I'll never return to Tempe.

Wait, is the Sail Inn still there?
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I'll say I'm going to be there, and then probably forget about it.
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The Sail Inn is gone, I think. The building is still back there and it's still a bar of some kind, but it's not the same scene. Anyway, I'm always down with meeting up. I can't do it during the day on Saturday 12/1 (running a 50k race that day), but I'd be good with getting together whenever...
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I would like to go to Arizona just to crash your dad's redneck wedding. I have a craving for ambrosia salad.
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If it's just going to be a few of us, I think we should go out to dinner instead of meeting at a bar. I'm not much of a drinker, and arrangements for dinner are really easy when just a few people.

How does that strike you?

And lynnster, just so you know, my dad's wedding is in Sedona on Sunday the 2nd, and you are welcome to crash it. No one parties like the old man. No really, come.
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