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I really enjoyed last night's San Francisco meet-up!

I laughed, I cried. Pictures were taken, but not by me. Three nations were represented, four if you count LA. My sweater smells like cigs, giving me a brief 1990s flashback this morning.
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I know, I am still coughing. It was great to meet everyone. Adam from MonkeyFilter...I put your card out on my desk and my boss said "ooh, web person..." now I can't find the card. So, expect a phone call. Hydrobatide: Friday at Triple Rock? We'll discuss the smallest of sea birds. Courtney: hope your after was as enjoyable as your before. The_Bone: I honor your drive and hope you were not too wrecked for the drive back to LA. Quidnunc Kid: All to brief, really, we'll meet again and I'll match you beer for beer. DaShiv: Crossing my fingers any picture of my very ugly mug turned out not to have broken the lens of your camera.
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Damn. I completely forgot.

Next time....
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One of the first things I did this morning was wash my sweater & jeans from last night for that exact reason. They were making my entire room smell!

It was a really nice time though, I enjoyed meeting you all! :)
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I stayed way too late and had to call in to the office this morning with a case of "bottle flu". But I had a great time and I think I got married!
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I skipped it because of a real flu!

That's right, all of you guys who don't get sick now, thank me!
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I was going to be good and hold myself to one drink, but I think that quid and Koko decided in advance that they were going to get me properly trashed. Woke up at 6:15 AM with a horrible hangover, and spent the next hour in bed praying for death. When death did not come, I got up, cabbed back to the Castro (waking up in strange hotel rooms with little recollection as to how I got there seems to be a recurring leitmotif in my life), acquired a smoothie at Jamba Juice and got on the road back to LA.

Most surreal moment of the evening: Being drunk in a grocery store with Koko (and if the sentence ended there, that would be enough), hunting for Twinkies to feed to Quidnunc.

Just about the best meetup ever, with a horde of absolutely amazing folks. Well done.
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Ah, so you can smoke at Amber? +save to del.icio.us
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Sorry I missed it!
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Wow, star-studded lineup!
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Woke up at 6:15 AM

You went to sleep before 6am? Pffft wussies.
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wow, you are all hot.
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...for you.
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I'm seeing some pics from this in my contacts at Flickr, but they're uselessly not labelled (bad Medusa!). I only recognise quid (as I have met him myself) and Bone. Who are the rest here? Suppose I should add a note or two myself, having whinged.
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Wheee! Me got shoutout with love hearts and stars on it!
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It was great meeting you all and I've almost worked up the nerve to actually start posting.
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That was a blast, it was great meeting everyone. My favorite thing might have been watching DaShiv's crazy stunt photography - holding the camera in one hand, and his strobe light plus a full pint of Guiness in the other. (This is presumably how he gets the beer goggle effect on his portrait photos.) I'm hoping someone got some good action shots of that.
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I was forced to skip because of a birthday dinner, tragically. But if anyone would like to come drive extremely fast or be a terrified passenger, I'm headed to Thunderhill Raceway with TEAM on Friday December 7th. I was considering a MeTa post, but I don't think it qualifies as a workable meetup.
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Aha, here is the action shot in question.
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So heyyyyyyy... where are the photos, man? I wanna see if I got swallowed up by the couch or not. :)
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See, I've always thought that beer goggles came from drinking beer. It's only after looking at that photo that I've realized you have to take the picture *through* the beer.
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"Who are the rest here?

In Picture 139, "dude" is Trip & A Half. He is also known as "Sorry I don't remember" in Picture 137.
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Apologies for the late comment, but I've just got home (to London). It was such a pleasure to meet you all - what a congress of charming, friendly, intelligent and erudite folks! I had an absolute blast - and apologies to anyone I smoked out or didn’t get to buy a drink for. You are a fabulous and talented bunch of people, and glad you all got home OK (especially Bone, whom we kidnapped!)
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