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Manchester/North West (UK) meetup - Petitioning Interest and Working Out The Logistics

I know there are some Mefi users near me - it says so in my profile.
a) How many of them might fancy a pint or two after work one night?
b) Would there be any interest in a North West meetup of epic proportions at some point in the new year?

Speak up, North West. UK meetups have for too long been dominated by decadent and foppish southerners with canes and frilly collars, mincing about the place and going "Ooh! hark at her!"

It'd be nice if we could all get together in Manchester and sit around, covered in coal with flat caps and a whippets, going "Ooh! Hark at her!"

Your thoughts, please.
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I would be interested, but the remainder of the year is pretty busy for me with various Christmas gatherings, so perhaps in the New Year?
posted by triggerfinger at 10:34 AM on December 5, 2007

I'm also pretty busy between now and Jan, but if I can get there, I will.
t'generic northern phrase.
posted by seanyboy at 10:43 AM on December 5, 2007

Ay up, lad. That sounds grand.
posted by idiomatika at 3:58 AM on December 6, 2007

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