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Atlanta meetup? Friday after Christmas?

I'm going to be in the greater Atlanta area for the holidays. Does anyone want to meetup on Friday the 28th? I will have a rental car, so I can get most places. Anyone want to suggest a fun group hangout place? A place that serves More Than Alcohol would be nice. And then afterwards, we can buy one of those Maps to the Stars' Homes and throw wads of meat at the houses of the people behind Adult Swim.
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Oh bummer, man, I'm moving on the 27th!

Also, we have the same joke in the gender field on our profiles. I don't care if you got here first, I'm not changing mine.
posted by solotoro at 8:29 PM on December 5, 2007

It's a big, trafficky place. Maybe mention which part of the greater Atlanta area you'll be in?

If you're interested in trying Buckhead (inside the perimeter, north of downtown), you might consider R. Thomas' or Huey's, or R. Thomas followed by Huey's (which has beignets); both have been around for years.
posted by amtho at 10:57 PM on December 5, 2007

I'll be coming in from Acworth, so yeah; not having to go all the way into the city might be nice.
posted by Eideteker at 4:09 AM on December 6, 2007

Semi-near cool places:
Dave and Buster's in Marietta
Taco Mac (they're all over the Woodstock/Kennesaw/Acworth area, they have a great beer selection)

Although you'll probably have to go farther afield, I think most of the Altanta MeFites live more in the East Atlanta/Decatur area.
posted by solotoro at 12:56 PM on December 6, 2007

Marietta‚ȆAtlanta, dammit!

I'd be up for somewhere intown, say... Manuel's?
posted by jpburns at 1:37 PM on December 6, 2007

The Vortex!

Dave and Busters is teh suck.

(As a Birminghamster, I am a tourist when it comes to Atlanta. I just know that I hate it with an all-consuming passion. Except for the Falcons, cuz Dad had season tickets and it's really convenient to get off at that first MARTA exit and get out at the Georgia Dome. And I once drove a brand-new State of Gerogia dumptruck through rush hour traffic downtown in a caravan and we were collectively able to bully our way through arrogant Georgia drivers and it felt fucking great. And Outkast rulz. And I hafta go there cuz Patti Smith won't play Birmingham. Or the Arctic Monkeys. But anyway. I need a couch, and I hafta leave early the next day, but I'll come, if I can crash. I can't get there until 11 or so, since I'll lose an hour crossing time zones.)
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Oh, I've done the Vortex. It was cool but kind of loud for conversation.
posted by Eideteker at 4:08 AM on December 7, 2007

Warning: Atlanta Mefi meetups usually fizzle, judging by the last 3-4 attempts. Not sure what that says about this city. Hopefully you guys can break the cycle ...
posted by intermod at 9:53 PM on December 15, 2007

Atlanta meetups are strange beasts indeed. I wish I could make this one, but I will be out of town. Let me know if you are ever in town again, eideteker.
posted by studentbaker at 6:49 AM on December 18, 2007

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