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Is anybody going to Sundance?

I'll be there from the 19th-22nd. Any mefites wanna grab some runs, a film, and a beer?
posted by rbs to MetaFilter Gatherings at 7:17 PM (6 comments total)

Bah, you tease. I SO wish I could go. Will you be blogging any highlights or anything?
posted by snsranch at 8:28 PM on January 12, 2008

Nah, I'm just going for a couple of days. A little ski, a little cinema, that sort of thing.
posted by rbs at 9:18 PM on January 12, 2008

Is anybody going to Sundance?

No, but I suddenly feel like moonwalking. OW!
posted by It's Raining Florence Henderson at 9:46 PM on January 12, 2008

Nope, but friends of mine with the Graffiti Research Lab will be there with a screening/presentation next Tuesday (afternoon, I think). Their site links to this, but, quickly skimming, I don't think it's the appropriate info for the screening.

In any case, they're fab. I recommend it.
posted by nobody at 11:21 PM on January 12, 2008

I'll probably be busy on meta-filter. But thanks-
posted by localhuman at 11:44 PM on January 12, 2008

Q: You sundancing?
A: You sunasking?

(Badoom, tish!)
posted by Jofus at 12:58 AM on January 13, 2008

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