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Quick, before it gets too hot! Can we have a spring Phoenix meetup?

I joined MeFi two weeks after the last meetup so I don't know any of you. I'd like to!

Unless I am shouted down, I propose Four Peaks Grill and Tap in Scottsdale sometime in the month of February.
posted by uaudio to MetaFilter Gatherings at 3:09 PM (27 comments total) 2 users marked this as a favorite

What do you have against the Tempe location?
posted by lizjohn at 4:43 PM on January 30, 2008

I have absolutely nothing against the Four Peaks in Tempe.

Unless you use caps lock, I will still consider my suggestion unshouted down.
posted by uaudio at 8:45 PM on January 30, 2008

I would go to the Tempe Four Peaks. Name a date.
posted by Optimus Chyme at 8:50 PM on January 30, 2008

I'd be down with Four Peaks Tempe as well.
posted by ph00dz at 4:01 AM on January 31, 2008

If it works better, Four Peaks Tempe it is. I have no suggestions for dates. Midweek or weekend? I could probably do a Friday, but my Saturdays are usually shot. Midweek is fine unless I have to bail one of you out of jail.
posted by uaudio at 6:22 AM on January 31, 2008

I'll throw out a date range for maximum awesomeness: Feb 24 through - leapday!- Feb 29...someone pick.
posted by uaudio at 12:17 PM on January 31, 2008

Feb 29th / March 1 , I'm running the Ragnar Del Sol relay, a 12 person team/182 mile run from Wickenburg to Scottsdale, so I'm out that day... (not that my presence is required or anything...)

Any of you other desert dwellers doing that event this year? Should be pretty epic...
posted by ph00dz at 1:37 PM on January 31, 2008

Yeah!! Something might be happening here. Four Peaks, wherever the heck that is, sounds great. Count me in, please.
posted by notjustfoxybrown at 12:32 PM on February 4, 2008

Uh, Wednesday and Friday nights are usually good for me.....27th or the 29th?
posted by lizjohn at 5:18 PM on February 4, 2008

I'm down with the 27th.
posted by ph00dz at 5:31 PM on February 4, 2008

OK! Wednesday, February 27th at Four Peaks Tempe (map). Try to get there around 7pm, more details to follow here.

I'll get it up on the meetup sidebar.
posted by uaudio at 8:17 AM on February 6, 2008

Any fellow Tucsonans wanting to make the trip to Phoenix? I've got no car but would be willing to split gas and buy a drink for a fellow MeFite!
posted by diocletian at 11:18 PM on February 6, 2008

I'm in for the meetup. I've really been meaning to go to these. We should put some kind of sign, or plate of beans on the table, so that there's no awkward wandering around and saying "Are you from the internet?" to strangers.
posted by !Jim at 11:33 AM on February 10, 2008 [1 favorite]

There's still people not from the internet?
posted by Exchequer at 4:11 PM on February 16, 2008

I'm also down for this, and was having the EXACT same thought !Jim was having. Which is creepy... I'll have to ask him about it tomorrow at work...
posted by disillusioned at 4:04 AM on February 20, 2008

Should we take to spamming the "users nearby you" with MeFi mail about this?
posted by disillusioned at 4:06 AM on February 20, 2008

I MeFi mailed everyone who's posted here for confirmation. Please MeFi mail me back if you're coming, or post here. I'll be at Four Peaks right at 7pm.

As for identifying our group; For no particular reason other than I always have it in my bag, I will bring an instruction manual for my HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator and place it on the table. It is blue and white, says "HP 12c Platinum Financial Calculator" on the cover, and features some important clip art businesspeople in a meeting, presumably discussing how smart they are because they use Reverse Polish Notation when calculating.

See you all there.
posted by uaudio at 11:13 AM on February 26, 2008

Just found this page. Maybe I can meet you all at the next one. I'm at the NW corner of the loop and don't think I can make it down to Tempe on the 27th.
posted by Roundball at 1:12 PM on February 26, 2008

Hey all:
Judging from the biographical info in the handles, I'm going to be the only girl at the meetup. I'm sure you all are lovely guys but could you all perhaps persuade your wives/SOs/female friend in the next cubicle to join us? Thanks.
posted by notjustfoxybrown at 2:45 PM on February 26, 2008

I'm a girl!
posted by lizjohn at 10:26 PM on February 26, 2008

Thanks for the responses, we're looking at about 8 people coming as of now.
posted by uaudio at 7:14 AM on February 27, 2008

Four Peaks is about 1km from me, so I guess I have to show up.
posted by yeolcoatl at 2:25 PM on February 27, 2008

If anyone is looking, we're in the very back west corner. By the tanks.
posted by lizjohn at 6:56 PM on February 27, 2008

We had a great time at the lurker end of the table. Grant and Scott: if you're reading this, just get a damn account already.
posted by Optimus Chyme at 4:41 AM on February 28, 2008

Yeah... it was nice meeting you folks.
posted by ph00dz at 5:20 AM on February 28, 2008

It was nice meeting everyone, and wish I could have talked to everyone longer. We'll have to have another one soon. See you all next time.
posted by uaudio at 8:31 AM on February 28, 2008

Aww damn, I was AT 4peaks on wednesday and I didn't even know this was happening. I'm there like twice a week after climbing.

I don't check metatalk very often. Why isn't there some kind of announcement to all the locals when there's a meetup in the works?
posted by Chris4d at 4:01 PM on February 28, 2008

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