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Central New Jersey Meet-Up second attempt...

AKA: This time we might make it work! We tried once but we couldn't do it. So what do all you Central NJ Mefites think? Can we make this work? I'm going to suggest a weekend or maybe a week night later on in the week at the Mill Hill Saloon in Trenton just as a first shot at a venue.
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There is no Central Jersey, just a demilitarized zone between North and South Jersey.

(actually, Trenton is just a hair further south than I'm willing to venture, but a Central Jersey meetup isn't wholly out of the question.)
posted by Karmakaze at 6:27 PM on February 6, 2008 [1 favorite]

The Nassau Inn Tap Room might be better. A lot of folks, rightly or wrongly, are bit put off by Trenton.
posted by caddis at 6:59 PM on February 6, 2008

South Amboy is pretty central. It's also on the transit line with four decent bars within spitting distance of the train platform. Small, square-mile town where everything is in walking distance, and there's a park along the waterfront.
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I'm up for Trenton, I'd prefer Princeton, and there's no way I'm going to South Amboy.
posted by amro at 8:05 PM on February 6, 2008

I say yay for Princeton!
posted by tractorfeed at 8:26 PM on February 6, 2008

I'm in princeton and have no car, so the tap room would be perfect for me.
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I'm fine with Princeton too, seeing as I'm there everyday, and the Tap Room is probably the best choice in town. Maybe some more Central NJ-ites want to chime in???
posted by ob at 7:03 AM on February 7, 2008

If it's at the Tap Room I'm likely to make it.
posted by Prospero at 7:23 AM on February 7, 2008

Here's ten reasons why meeting at the Mill Hill Saloon is better than meeting at the Nassau Inn tap room:

1) Easier to get to by NJT: the tap room requires a trip on the dinky, which adds a whole 'nother hour of transit (there and back) to those of us who don't want to drink and drive!

2) BIG ROOM in the back of the Old Mill Hill: it'd be like a MeFiteCon!

3) the Friendliest bartenders work the Old Mill Hill. Even the snooty ones are friendly!

4) the folks that caddis mentioned . . . who'd be put off by Trenton? Well, who wants to drink with those guys??

5) it's walking distance for me, for ob, and for who knows who else?

6) the Tap Room gets crowded . . . i.e., no room at the tap room (see #2 above)

7) what does Princeton make, anyways? (okay, that's kind of a red herring) They make some fine burgers at the Old Mill Hill!

8) the Mill Hill is accessible to folks from Bucks county as well . . . and they're alright by me!

9) Trenton went OVERWHELMINGLY for OBAMA! even if you don't like Obama, where better to try to get into a fight? And if you don't like Obama, well, I'll pull a Jon Stewart to your Conan O'Brien . . .

10) NO FRAT BOYS (at least, not as many actives . . .)

So, in short, I vote for the original suggestion of Joe's Old Mill Hill!
posted by deejay jaydee at 10:32 AM on February 7, 2008

I see 6 votes for Princeton, 1 vote for Trenton, and ob seems to be fine with either venue. I say we settle on the Tap Room.

By the way, there are no fraternities in Princeton. Hence, no frat boys.
posted by amro at 10:54 AM on February 7, 2008

deejay jaydee makes some good points about Trenton, and the Mill Hill which it is my first choice. Still, if the majority goes for the Tap Room as it seems to, then of course I'll go with that too. The Tap Room is Ok, but it does get a little fratty at times (normally around reunions planning time), but I hung out there for a whole 6 months whist my regular bar was closed, so it's fine. Oh, and whilst the eating clubs are Princeton's version of fraternities, it is a misapprehension that there are no frats at Princeton. According to this article (oh this is a little older but talks about the issue too) at least 15% of undergrads in 2005 were in a Greek organization...
posted by ob at 11:15 AM on February 7, 2008

Damn, I meant to ask when should this meet-up be? Any suggestions?
posted by ob at 11:20 AM on February 7, 2008

If you're doing Princeton, why not Triumph? 138 Nassau Street.
posted by Guy_Inamonkeysuit at 11:21 AM on February 7, 2008

Since I don't see a North Jersey meetup forming, can I crash yours?
Pleeze... don't make me travel to NYC for that one, it's a different state for goodness sake. What would we talk about?
posted by brinkzilla at 12:54 PM on February 7, 2008

There is no Central Jersey,

Somewhere in my email archive I have one of those "You know you're from New Jersey when..." e-mails. And one of the things on it is "You know you're from Central New Jersey when you believe there is such a place as Central New Jersey."

I am from Central New Jersey, and I believe that. It's neither South nor North.

I'd go if I could. Have a Monmouth County meetup sometime - I'll take a trip home and drop in. Have fun!
posted by Miko at 1:14 PM on February 7, 2008

Yeah, brinkzilla come one, come all! Bucks County folks too, if they feel the urge to cross the Delaware. As I've discovered, there's no such place as Central NJ! (Mrs ob was telling me last night that in some quarters Trenton is considered South Jersey, whilst Princeton is Central NJ, so I can see the problem.) Why don't we then call this a meet-up for the sticky-inny bit of NJ, that is neither too north nor too south, but just right?
posted by ob at 2:01 PM on February 7, 2008

I might try to show up if it's next week.
posted by oaf at 4:00 PM on February 7, 2008

what does Princeton make, anyways?

Haven't you ever heard "Princeton makes, the world takes"?

I might be getting that wrong...
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I have to admit, I only prefer Princeton because it's not so far for me to drive. I live in Central Jersey myself, just the northern edge of it. (I was just teasin' ya there before, bro.)
posted by Karmakaze at 7:50 AM on February 8, 2008

So you're in Northern Central New Jersey?
posted by ob at 8:07 AM on February 8, 2008

So what night should this be? A Week night or a weekend? Anyone wanna propose a date and then we can all fight about it?
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And by fight I meant discuss in a Jersey-type way (btw, I'm not from either NJ (or in fact the states) so I'm prepared to believe that central NJ does or doesn't exist!!). Anyway, just to sum up, most people want Princeton, most are happy with the Tap Room (but there is a suggestion for Triumph -any takers??) I now realize that by proposing this I might end up having to organize this, which was an error in judgment (I just wanted to go out for a drink!) so if anyone wants to take over, thats more than ok with me (ya don't really want me organizing things, trust me...)
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I'd prefer a weeknight, but I'm just a n00b from Bucks... I work in Whitehouse Station, but Princeton isn't that far. I just suggested Triumph because I like the beer there. Parking kind of sucks, but that's Princeton for ya. There's a municipal garage a couple of blocks away, so unless it's raining it's no biggie.
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A Tuesday or Wednesday night would be fine with me. I'd also be okay with a weekend meet-up.
posted by amro at 3:42 PM on February 8, 2008

I left off this thread for quite a few days to see if anyone else wanted to join in. So how do people feel about next week, or the week after. Wednesday, Thursday???
posted by ob at 5:01 PM on February 14, 2008

I would always be able to show up on Thursdays, but never on Wednesdays. Is anyone still reading this thread?
posted by tractorfeed at 8:02 PM on February 16, 2008

Well, I guess there are two of us on here!
posted by ob at 10:02 AM on February 17, 2008

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