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Any Tokyo mefites available for a drink?

I am in Tokyo for the next couple weeks, and would love to meet up with any Tokyo mefites for a drink or meal.

We fly out on the 3rd of April and are travelling around probably from next Sunday til Wednesday or Thursday, but any other time would be great.

I will try to check back on this post soon, limited internet access notwithstanding.
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I've enjoyed both of the meetups I've been to here in Tokyo, and would certainly be up for another, but alas, will be out of town for your entire stay. Hope you get one together, though, and that you enjoy your stay here in the sprawling megalolopolis.
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I live here, so yes.
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btw, what kinds of food/drink would you like? If you enjoy European beer (especially Belgian), then I know a fantastic place right around the corner from my apartment in Machida. A bit pricy, but the food and drink are absolutely fantastic. If on the other hand you'd like to go the more traditionally Japanese route, there are an almost infinite number of generic izakaya to choose from. Do you have one area in particular you'd like to go to, such as Ikebukuro, Shibuya, or something like that?
Sunday's good for me, btw.
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I like meeting people, but can only do Saturday or Sunday, so would love to hear whatever weekend plans shape up. Also enjoy general tour-guiding and wandering, and long walks on the beach.

My restaurant picks would be either "the kinds of Japanese cuisine that we don't get cheap | at all in the US" or this tiny tiny Bhutanese restaurant in Yoyogi. Have you ever seen a Bhutanese restaurant?? The main ingredients in their cuisine are potato, chili, and cheese. This is a country that deserves more restaurants! I don't really know squat about drinking.
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Sorry I no can do this time (T_T).
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It all depends on date/time/place but I'll try to keep an eye on this thread. If someone wants to email me (in profile) if something gets firmed up, I'll do my best to make it but can't make promises.
posted by gen at 8:51 AM on March 18, 2008

I'm down with anything whatzit proposes. Bhutanese sounds interesting. I eat enough Japanese food as it is... 笑う。
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Not that I don't enjoy them, but potatoes, chili and cheese are hardly difficult to find in any industrialized country. I can tell you three different cities in Tokyo with an Outback Steakhouse, for instance.
Now what do they do with their potatoes and chili and cheese that makes it so special?
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Lady Gratishades and I are going to be in Tokyo the last weekend of the month (tourists, no concrete plans). If last Saturday night of the month suits fellow Mefites I'd love to meet up (Lady G ain't a MeFite but given the fact that she hears so much about the place I reckon she's an honourary one at least). I'll keep an eye on the posts and if possible be great to meet up.
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Argh! Disregard above message as OP is talking about the week after and don't want to hi-jack thread. May be about the following two weeks so will follow thread with interest.
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Been lurking in this thread. I'm with gen on this one, in that depending on date/place/time, I might be able to come, but I can't say for sure. I've attended all the Tokyo meetups that have taken place so far (I love meeting MeFites!), so I wish I didn't have to say this, but...

As a FYI for the visitors, the end of March-beginning of April is a hectic time of year here, so I sort of suspect a lot of people based here are in similar situations where they can't really promise if they'll be able to show because there's a big chance something last-minute might pop up.
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Hi all
I have heard two votes for Sunday, so I will go ahead and suggest that. Bhutanese sounds good and different (GoingToShopping - I love belgian beer but can get it anytime at the Hopleaf bar in Chicago where I live). So let us go there (where is the apostrophe on this keyboard?)

Whatzit, please provide instructions for finding the restaurant. Also, a time - 6:30?

Gratishades, we could also meet up with you later this month - suggest a time/place.

Bhuttanese in yoyogi
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Whoa. This is my first ever and last post from work to iron this out. So the restaurant is here:

Gatemo Tabum Bhutanese Restaurant
Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, 1-22-5 Uehara
+81 3 3466 9590

There is a map at the bottom of the webpage. The closest Metro stop is Yoyogi-Uehara, but I walked there from Yoyogi last time I went. Especially to y'all visitors, you will need this map! Did you know yet that street addresses aren't real popular here? You will.

Like many, this is a small restaurant, and someone more Japanese-language-enabled than I am really needs to call and ensure it's open and we can take over. At 6:30 on a Sunday we should be okay, but I'll MeFi-Mail a couple of y'all to find someone capable/responsible for that.

(and I may be a retard, but someone needs to clarify for me whether we're talking 3/23 or 3/30; I think it's 3/30).
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(but I stand ready to be corrected on the date)
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(re-reading Gratishades' comment, I guess it's 3/23? I hope it is. Will wait and see.)
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Eww, actually I'm busy on the 23rd. I'd assumed it would be the 30th, as Mai said she'd be flying out on the 3rd of April and that she'd be traveling from the 23rd till the 26th/27th.
On an unrelated note Mai, this bar you mention, does it by any chance have Chimay on tap? I have an uncle in Boston who's long since given up any hopes of finding a bar with draft Belgian other than Hoegaarden, and I've never seen any in the states during my 4 or so years of bar running there. If I can tell him such things do exist, he'll be incredibly happy!
If the 30th is no good for people, I wouldn't be too opposed to something on the 29th, though a later start than 7:00 would let me get changed from my work clothes and not be too rushed to get to the restaurant.
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whatzit, got your e-mail. I'm sorry, but I can't make it on a Sunday night this month, so I'm now officially out. Which sucks because that place you linked to looks fab. Hope you all have fun! Pics, please!
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It looks like Misozaki and the Gratisshades would be able to make it if it were the 29th, eh? Seems like this might in fact be the better day? I'm flexible, is everyone else?
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since mai's the one making the request, I think mai gets final clarification on the date, eh? Let's clear that up soon I hope.
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Agreed whatzit. I'll MeMail mai for clarification.
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Ok, I've made reservation for 18:30 on the 30th, for 10 people under my last name (which you can see if you click on my user name and then to my blog.) If we need to move the time/date/numbers, just let me know.

I'm actually not sure if I can make that Sunday night yet myself but I will do my best.

If you are attending, please confirm in the thread with the number of people you are bringing in total.
posted by gen at 7:46 PM on March 20, 2008

The 29th would be a higher likelihood for me too, fwiw.
posted by gen at 7:49 PM on March 20, 2008

I just called and they're open for 10 ppl on the 29th as well, fwiw.
posted by gen at 8:06 PM on March 20, 2008

Hi all,
sorry I have been away from the internet for a couple days.

I actually meant this Sunday which I realize contradicts what I said about travelling but it turns out we are not going to kyoto til Tuesday.

I can do this Sunday, or Saturday the 29th, but actually not the 30th because we are staying farther away from the city.

(as an aside, I am delighted this is turning into a real party).

I would like to suggest that we meet this Sunday because it is sooner and therefore better, but I would also be happy to meet again with anyone on the 29th who cannot make it this time.

Bhuttanese this sunday, 3/23

Also possibly something next Saturday, 3/29

I heart mefi.
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mai, I'm getting the impression that the 29th would be a bigger group than the 23rd (Gratishades+1, gen, and I all seem to be people who can come 29 but not 23, now). If you saw gen's comments above, we also can get the restaurant for that weekend, even on Saturday.

As for me, wherever we hold this, I'm:
3/23 - out
3/29 - 1
3/30 - 1
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For me plus 1...
3/23 - out
3/29 - 1
3/30 - out
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Above should have read 3/29 - 2 of

mai- as OP could you clarify if gen's suggestion of 29th is good with you (apologies if I'm misinterpreting comments but 29th seems to work for most who can make this window)?

If so I can post to the front page of Metatalk as Meetup.
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Okay, nobody can come today. We will do it next Saturday the 29th. Sorry for all the confusion.
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Woo hoo! 29th it is!

gen- would you be so kind as to arrange change of date to the 29th. I'll MeMail partcipants in the thread so far to alert them that we have firmed up date and time.

Please indicate confirmed attendees in thread to get an idea of numbers...

Confirmed- Gratishades, 2 of.
posted by Gratishades at 4:37 AM on March 23, 2008

Confirmed - whatzit, 1.
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Hi everyone. I just called (Monday afternoon, 5 pm.) and the guy said that he was not at the restaurant (?) and that he would call me back on Wednesday to confirm. He said that he did not have the reservation book in front of him so he could not confirm today.

We may want to investigate a backup option in the event that the Bhutanese place is booked for the 29th.
posted by gen at 1:43 AM on March 24, 2008

There's some other places quite nearby we can head to if necessary, though somewhat less exotic (a vegetarian place and some Chinese, at least, and some others I only vaguely remember).

Thanks for calling them up.
posted by whatzit at 2:04 AM on March 24, 2008

I'll be there for sure, though I might be a wee bit late.
posted by GoingToShopping at 6:56 AM on March 25, 2008

Ok, the restaurant just called back. They are full up for the 29th. We'll need to find another location. I think we don't have to pick Yoyogi per se. Maybe something a bit more central (even Harajuku makes more sense)?
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I'm somewhat concerned that news regarding the unavailability of our restaurant on the 29th was posted on the 25th, and it's now the 27th. Anyone still watching this?
If all else fails (and it looks like it has), any specific ideas for backup? Where shall we meet now that this first choice is gone?
posted by GoingToShopping at 6:39 AM on March 27, 2008

I'll try to find something on Friday the 28th, but anyone else is welcome to book a restaurant and point us there. I doubt I'm the only one who can book a dinner reservation?
posted by gen at 12:07 PM on March 27, 2008

I'm still planning to go wherever someone finally posts us to go. Sorry about the location change subsequent to date-shifting..

(being the one who initially dragged you in to the reservations, gen, it was because I don't speak very well and certainly not well enough for phones, and don't know many specific restaurants in Tokyo. I didn't expect it'd become a big to-do, and really appreciate that you're still willing to help.)
posted by whatzit at 4:36 PM on March 27, 2008

I'm in meetings all day today so I'm not sure if I will have time to research and find a restaurant until this evening. If someone else wants to make a reservation, please feel free to do so. Otherwise, please check back here later tonight for more info.
posted by gen at 7:02 PM on March 27, 2008

I guess it is obvious that I will be there, but I should also specify I am bringing a second person.
posted by mai at 2:34 AM on March 28, 2008

Well fellow mefites this looks as though it is dying a death- just arrived in Tokyo after fairly nightmarish journey (lost luggage and delayed.

As we seem to have nothing organised may I suggest that you are free to join me for a soccer game at Paddy Foleys 9.30 pm Saturday evening if in the slightest interested or no better things to do. It is a big game (well for Scottish folk like me) and one of Japan's favourite sporting exports, Shunsuke Nakamura, will be playing so hoping there will be local interest as well as expats.

If interested I hope to get there 8.30 (real name is name is Owen) and I'll let bar folk know that if you mention Metafilter they'll point me out. Website for directions is

posted by Gratishades at 3:06 AM on March 28, 2008

Hi again all,
I have been invited to a blossom-viewing party (tis the season) and in lieu of a restaurant I would like to invite you all to come.

It is in Shiba Park, near Tokyo tower. Get there via the Tokyo station - we are meeting at the station at 5:00 pm (that is 17:00 on the 24 hour clock).

For those of you arriving later, come to the park, where we will have a tent and chairs. I will hang a large metafilter sign. We will be there til 8ish, so you can go to Gratishade's event after if you like.

I will bring drinks and food, and you can bring some too if you like.
If you get lost, you can call our mobile phone: 090-1782-4903.
I hope to see you there.
posted by mai at 4:11 AM on March 28, 2008

Argh! I meant to say that we are meeting at Akabanebashi station(number E 21).

Akabenebashi station, 5:00
Or, if you are later, Shiba park, look for the tent with the mefi sign.
posted by mai at 4:15 AM on March 28, 2008

For the non-Tokyoites, E21 is on the Oedo line, which is pink on my map, two stops east of Roppongi.
posted by mai at 4:33 AM on March 28, 2008

Hurrays to the people who, like, have their shit together. I'll definitely be at Akabenebashi and hope to drop in on the game on the way back to the sleepy sleepy suburbs.

Will bring something locally delicious in penance for earlier failures.
posted by whatzit at 5:25 AM on March 28, 2008

(if anyone else is not getting the image with the map for the pub to load, check out this one).
posted by whatzit at 5:35 AM on March 28, 2008

Hrm, well I'll try my best!
I'll see you guys either at the park or later at the bar!
posted by GoingToShopping at 7:14 AM on March 28, 2008

Shiba Koen?! Really? Oh dear, you all have settled on a location so close to where I live that it would be a crying shame if I didn't show up to at least say hi. So, I might bring along a bottle of wine for y'all and say hi. You don't have to wait for me at the station.

Shiba Koen is huge, though, and understandably crowded this time of year. Hope everybody can manage to find each other!
posted by misozaki at 10:49 PM on March 28, 2008

Okay, for the record, I rode around Shiba Koen on my bike around 17:15 - 17:30 with a bottle of red in front basket, but couldn't find a MetaFilter sign. Oh well, maybe next time!
posted by misozaki at 3:32 AM on March 29, 2008

Sorry everyone, I wasn't able to make it after all. Hope folks were able to meet up.
posted by gen at 6:58 AM on March 29, 2008

From the front, after the fact:

We left Akabanebashi at 5:30 for Shiba Koen, where the Metafilter party merged with the Hanami party which was organized by Mo-chan of the Tokyo Wish Club, renowned couchsurfing extraordinaire. It became sort of a multi-meet-up-meet-up for Part I. There was a lot of food and drink, and a hell of a lot of people.

Part II was a totally different atmosphere, where apparently the soccer-football game was going well because once in a while everything was drowned out by a rowd of drunken chants. We spared Gratishades a really early and unsuccessful morning on Sunday (Tsukiji fish market being closed Sundays) and he and his wife got some awesome destination suggestions from some of Tokyo locals.

In the end, I got a lot more real names than usernames, but I know that I met at least mai, GoingToShopping, and Gratishades and his wife. The overlapping groups made for some conversions (both ways, mefi-cs and cs-mefi) and a lot more non-internet-topic-based conversations. So in the end, great for actually meeting people. Fun was had, but I think we were all camera-lame. Maybe someone else will prove me wrong.

misozaki, really sorry we missed you. and gen, that in the end you couldn't make it. next time ;-)
posted by whatzit at 8:16 PM on March 29, 2008

Whee, I had a lot of fun! Sorry to hear about your travails, Gen. I only found Mai and Whatzit because I'd recorded Mai's cell number before leaving my apartment. There was indeed no metafilter banner, so don't feel like it was your fault.
The hanami was quite enjoyable, even though I arrived quite late. In a bit of a haze I piled into Mochan's (whom I'd known for about an hour or so at that point) van along with Mai and her boyfriend and a few other people, all without having any idea where in the hell I was going. Apparently it was to Mochan's house, and after purchasing a charming little erection-themed souvenir and using the restroom at a rest stop, it was time for sleep. Woke up and went with the pack to view Fuji-san, unfortunately defeated by heavy fog and cloud. The others were going to a tea ceremony or some such, but as I have errands to run at home, I opted to take the 3 hour ride back and have only just returned.
And yes, I know that at least I was camera-lame. Sorry!
posted by GoingToShopping at 11:48 PM on March 29, 2008

Damn, i missed the erection-themed souvenirs?? I'd been looking all over for one of those. Mt. Fuji is in the same place every day.
posted by whatzit at 6:30 AM on March 30, 2008

No pictures, y'all?
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:42 PM on April 4, 2008

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