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Comrades Melburnian! Does anyone feel like an impromptu meetup on Maundy Thursday evening or during the day on Good Friday? A conference on Marxism seems like a good way to spend Good Friday.

I'm spending more time in Melbourne than I anticipated and I'd love to meet up with some of you lovely people here. I'm staying in a hotel near the Aquarium, if that gives you a frame of reference, but I've already journeyed quite widely, going as far as the Fitzroy neighborhood today. I leave any suggestions for good meeting spots to the locals :)
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You did what?

You posted Marxism 2008 here?

You mean, instead of selling tickets for the London version of this last year, I could have just posted it on metatalk instead? ;)

Seriously: These conferences are usually pretty good. They're put on by the Socialist Alternative group but the conferences often have high profile speakers.
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Well, I'll arrive in Melbourne Saturday afternoon, so if it gets pushed back till then I might make it :)
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Note — Good Friday in Oz is the only day of the year you can't buy booze. You want a drink on Friday, hit the bottle shop or the supermercado on Thursday.

You have been warned.

Wishing you a fabulous trip.
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I'll be around on the weekend and would love to catch up sometime. Thursday I don't finish work til 8.30pm, and I'll be working most of Saturday, but I think I'll be free after 3.30 - 4pmish. I'd love to meet Jacalata if everyone else wants to wait til she can make it?
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Also, anyone up to date with what's available on Good Friday? While most shops will be closed, I assume places like Carlton, Fitzroy, St Kilda, Southgate, Prahran, etc will be pretty much business as usual.
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Good Friday=Bad Drink day
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We could have 2! One with liquorice on Thursday evening & one with Jacalata on Saturday afternoon!

I'm inner south eastern suburbs.
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goshling, I'd definitely check ahead before making plans for Good Friday - I would have expected most actual restaurants to be closed. Unfortunately I'm not really available Saturday (family stuff), but should it come up, I'll be around until the next Thursday.

It's a shame, because I was totally wishing I could met Kattullus and try out my three weeks of Icelandic lessons on him!
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You have to pay to get in?

Do the people putting on the conference have to pay?
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if it gets pushed back to next week, i'm in!
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Jesus, I hate Trots. Their conferences are the worst of the real world, never mind the worst of the web.

Nice attempt to avoid deletion by posting an advert to the gray instead of the blue though.

As an aside, my daughter is a first year student, and as a good socialist, made the mistake of getting suckered into attending one of these 'vanguard party' group meetings. A month or two later, she was pleading with me for advice on how to get them to leave her alone.

I told her to tell them she'd embraced anarchism. That saw them off.
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Kattullus, how long are you in town for?
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Ah damn... I feel like a cad now, plans have changed again. My dad is burning up with fever so we're staying put in Melbourne until tomorrow and then driving along The Great Ocean Road tomorrow, staying a night in Lorne and then driving back to Melbourne to fly out. So I'm basically out of here tomorrow morning. Thus, unless all of you magically don't have anything to do tonight, I'm going to punk out of a meetup I called for. Bad Kattullus, bad! Please have one in my absence though, otherwise I'll feel like even more of a

As an aside, the Marxism 2008 seemed like an appropriate thing for me to do since while I've been here in Australia, somebody threw a molotov cocktail into my apartment in Providence. No, for real. Also, nothing else seems like it's open in Melbourne on Good Friday. But that's all immaterial now as I'm leaving Melbourne tomorrow.
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You're very naughty Kattullus.

Oh well, shall the rest of us try to keep the ball rolling and try to meet up next Thursday evening? I think I may even be finished work at 7.30pm if anyone is interested?
Jacalata? Liquorice? Sleep-walker? Anyone else?

My office is in the Toorak/Armadale area, so anywhere around there, Chapel St or Camberwell junction would be great for me. We can sit around discussing what a cad Kattullus is.

Kattullus, I hope your Dad is feeling better. You'll love the GOR, it's spectactular! Also, WTF? molotov cocktail? WTF?
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I'll be leaving next Thursday afternoon, so that wouldn't work for me.
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Is anyone willing to aim for early next week then?
When are you free jacalata?
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Note — Good Friday in Oz is the only day of the year you can't buy booze. You want a drink on Friday, hit the bottle shop or the supermercado on Thursday.

I don't think that's true anymore, although it might vary from state to state.

There used to be a loophole that members of licenced clubs could buy drinks (I recall the Journos' Club in Slurry Holes one year), and more recently you could buy booze after 6pm, if you bought it with a meal. I think the latest update is that it's been relaxed even further - maybe the pubs just open around 3pm or something...?

In other matters, I assume the pinko conference will be in the Trades Hall, on Lygon St. Look out for the 8-8-8 monument opposite, celebrating the unions' victory in negotiating 8 hours of work, 8 hours recreation & 8 hours sleep as a basic entitlement of all workers more than 100 years ago.

When that wanker Howard banged on endlessly about our history & way of life etc, I wished somebody would have pointed him towards that very noblest of our national achievements.
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I think the deal is that places with less than 20 employees working AT A TIME can open if they wish, also certain establishments are exempt, including restaurants and cafes (hence my assumption that areas like lygon st, chapel st, fitzroy st, and the like would have places to go). Of course, many of them choose NOT to open, due to fewer customers around, staff wanting the day off, etc

oh, here we go: what Business Victoria has to say.

I'm going into work on Friday morning, then I think I'll have a drive around and see if I can spot any sign of life, just out of curiosity.
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Ubu: You really think Howard was going to go within cooee of Trades Hall?

I'd had him pegged as more of a South of the river type.
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As to the job at hand: are we talking CBD here?

I just rang Workshop, which is a pleasant enough place, and they're open, but only from 6, rather than the usual all day.
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pompomtom, Friday is pretty much scuppered at this point anyways. Looks like Kattullus can only do tonight, and we have a small window of Tues afternoon - Thursday morning if we want to get liquorice & jacalata in the same place. I think. I dunno. This is hard.
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Tonight is a bit too impromptu for me unfortunately. Hope your dad is okay Katullus. Enjoy the Great Ocean Road!
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So, the whole molotov cocktail thing is still a big mystery. The roommate that was there has moved out, the other one is staying put and I'm still weighing my options as to whether to stay or not. Either way, I'll probably be spending a lot of time at my girlfriend's place (which I can't say I mind).

I spent the day on a fruitless journey to Portsea to go see the spot where Harold Holt was swept to sea/went back home in the mothership. When I got to the entrance of the national park where it happened, at 4:15, there apparently wasn't enough time to make it out there and back out before the gates closed. Then got lost coming back and sat stuck in traffic for ungodly amounts of time. Still, all in all, not a bad day.

Anyway, pour down a forty for me have fun at the eventual meet-up. It's too bad that I can't get to meet all of you lovely Melburnians.
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PeterMcDermott: "Jesus, I hate Trots (...) Nice attempt to avoid deletion by posting an advert to the gray instead of the blue though (...) my daughter is a first year student (...) I told her to tell them she'd embraced anarchism. That saw them off."

So what's the story PeterMcDermott, you're gonna show up at this meetup or is this just an underhanded snark?
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Unfortunatley I haven't really made my plans for next week yet, so all my time is in an undetermined free/busy state.
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additionally, the trots doing the conference are a good group to call to ask what'll be open that night - they will be going boozing afterwards almost certainly.
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damn, not to toot my own horn, but i can't do thursday night - my show opens at 5pm - daytimes are good though...
curses for not checking back sooner, i have a feeling this meetup idea has been abandoned.
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We seem to be a hard bunch to get together, however Kattullus & I managed to find each other last Wednesday and we went for a wander along Southbank & had a drink at the Blue Train.

HAH! I've just post-added it to the calendar to link to the pics to prove that it happened. I hope that's OK, even though it's totally backwards.

I'd still like to meet Jacalata while she is in town, so are any of us free this coming Tuesday or Wednesday?
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damn, not to toot my own horn, but i can't do thursday night - my show opens at 5pm

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Show sounds interesting (support your fellow mefites!) However Jacalata will be gone by then.

Come on Melbourne let's make something happen!

Oh, just for the record, after work on Good Friday I took a minor detour and I'd say 2/3rds of the restaurants/bistros/cafes/take-ways around Glenferrie Road in Malvern & Armadale were open, as were 3 of the 4 bottle shops & both of the pubs I drove past. This was at about 1pm, so Good Friday isn't quite as desolate it used to be. YAY.
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I'm disorganised and I think I'm now doing stuff each night, so you guys should go ahead and have a meetup at/around sleepwalkers show on thursday - i'll have a drink in mind back home in brisbane :)
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wednesday night is really good for me - you guys are most welcome to come to my show, but i'd rather meet you lovely mefis when i'm not stressed out at an opening and trying to run around thanking people for coming etc, not to mention the likelyhood of being a little bit scattered from a glass or two of red wine. there will be a pub trip afterwards i imagine, but i don't know where or who or anything else along those lines - i'd much rather meet up with you guys with a clear head and the ability to hold a normal conversation!
here are the details for those who are interested, and if wednesday is too soon for a meetup then any time after thursday is great. also, i'm in the SE suburbs but absolutely don't mind travelling.
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Yea, count me in for wednesday night* - coming from Camberwell but easily able to get anywhere on pt. I emailed those who'd already commented in the thread, locals can get in touch with other users who might be interested :)

*I told you I was disorganised.
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I've just looked in my diary and I finish work in Armadale at 6.30pm, but I might be able to reshedule that appt to earlier in the day.

posted by goshling at 10:55 PM on March 24, 2008

so where are we going? anyone have a fave place to go for food & beverages? I'm a bit of a home body these days and no longer up to date with the cool places to go. CBD, chapel st, richmond, camberwell...pretty much anywhere else inner suburban is good with me.
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The Croft Institute!

(also, I've belatedly recognised the best place for Sydney meetups: the Portobello Cafe, on the foreshore at Circular Quay, right by the Opera House)
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Croft Institute site.
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If we're just doing drinks, I'd be in for 8.30pm at Bridie O'Reilly's on Chapel St. Or earlier/later somewhere else, just thought I'd put a suggestion out there :)
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it all sounds good - i can go pretty much wherever and whenever wednesday night, so whatever is decided on, count me in (i'll refrain from making suggestions as there are several good ones here already)
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Yay CBD. Crofts is good.

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crofts it is. Time? I think i'll get there at 7, but i can take a book or something if others will be later.
posted by jacalata at 6:45 PM on March 25, 2008

Super, Crofts look intriguing!

I've just accepted another appt, so will be finished work at 7.30, so I ought to arrive around 8ish. Will we be able to locate each other easily? I'm wearing red framed glasses & a sparkly purple cardigan.
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didn't i promise to organise the melbourne meetup some time ago?
posted by UbuRoivas at 9:53 PM on March 25, 2008

Yea, I'll probably be in a giant brown hoody in this weather, or a black fcuk tshirt. My mobile number is in my profile.
posted by jacalata at 11:46 PM on March 25, 2008

Where are the pictures so I can see what I missed?
posted by Kattullus at 7:43 AM on March 27, 2008

Never mind! There they are... this'll learn me to pay look twice when I think I'm seeing double.
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Oh and YAY!s I gots a shoutout!
posted by Kattullus at 7:57 AM on March 27, 2008

Me too! :D

disclaimer: us sydney folk don't normally do shoutouts. Kattullus introduced this strange custom, and all we did with it was a big "where's peacay?"
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who said anything about weird?
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I disappear for a few days and miss out on a Melbourne meet-up. =( I used to eye that sidebar every few days, waiting for someone more pro-active to organise one! At least you all had fun, anyway =)
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fun? did you see the photos? it looks like they got lost in a dodgy alley & ended up in hospital!
posted by UbuRoivas at 3:31 PM on March 30, 2008

Ubu, if that isn't your very definition of fun, I'll eat a koala-skin condom. Mind you, now that I'm back in the US, you'd have to supply said specialty item.
posted by Kattullus at 5:47 AM on March 31, 2008

After all, it was Ubu who sent us there - so either it is what he thinks of as fun, or we have just seen another skirmish in the ongoing battle between Melburnites and their envious northern neighbours...

Of course Melbourne won, braving torrential rain, freezing cold and some freakish late sunlight that still didn't illuminate that alleyway, to make that meetup happen. Also I tried a new cocktail, a Rob Roy, so I consider it a personal victory as well.
posted by jacalata at 6:20 AM on March 31, 2008

merely stating what the photographic record suggests.

i did indeed suggest the croft institute - i love that place. and for the record, i don't have any melbourne v sydney thing happening. but i *am* envious in ways. sydney nightlife sucks dead dingoes balls so hard that i pretty much point blank refuse (unless absolutely socially necessary) to go anywhere other than my local pub (which is quite a cool place, being in the sydney collingwood/fitzroy & all).

this should change soon, as the evil megapub lobby has lost out recently against the peoples' will for small, funky, melbourne-style bars - licenced cafes, holes in the wall, disused old laundromats in dying shopping strips outfitted with student art & vinnes sofas & lamps...

and kattullus - i couldn't find a koala skin condom. would the echidna equivalent do?
posted by UbuRoivas at 1:39 PM on March 31, 2008

i couldn't find a koala skin condom
Here you go.
posted by tellurian at 11:40 PM on April 6, 2008

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