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Meetup a Firenze? Posible?

I have been studying here for two months now, and I have encountered my fair share of funny travel stories and experiences. Any mefites in Florence this time a year? Want to swap adventure tales? An aperitivo would be excellent, I think.
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Some advice on organising meetups in not so densely mefi populated areas.
1. fill in your gps location as florence in your metafilter profile and see who's in the neighbourhood.
2. open the metafilter kml file in Google Earth and see who's in the wider area.
3. possibly mail them since not everybody reads metatalk.
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url of kml file:
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Yes, input your co-ordinates. I'm only seeing one person in the immediate vicinity, but he's active as of yesterday. Hasn't posted in MeTa, however, so could probably use a MeMail to bring this to his attention. Of course, there could be thousands of Florentine MeFites who just haven't bothered to input lat/lon in their profiles, just like you.
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Hey, I'll come if anyone wants to send me to Florence! I love Italy.
posted by misha at 3:19 PM on March 20, 2008

I'll be in Florence for a conference April 4th-12th. I can't guarantee my attendance as it will depend on conference commitments, but I might be game for a meetup somewhere in there.
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If you make it down to Rome, MeMail me & we'll see if we can't get elpapacito & progosk out as well. I'm up near Firenze for work often lately, but I'm a bit too crunched for time to make a detour in the near future.
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How about a Rome meetup the evening of April 3rd somewhere near the termini. Maybe 8pm-ish?
posted by sanitycheck at 10:41 PM on March 22, 2008

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