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Salt Lake City meetup at the end of April?

I'll be in Salt Lake City from April 29th to May 2nd for the joint MPLA/ULA conference. Any librarians, "information scientists" and/or SLC denizens want to meet up, drink beer and homebrewed hard cider and shoot the breeze some night that week?
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Uhhh, depending on the day, time, location...I'd like to make it to this. Let's get some details going and I'll see if I can swing it.

If you're ok with making it a sushi thing, then there's Happy Sumo at Gateway. Or Ginza downtown.

If it has to be at a bar (read: "Private Club for Members" in Utah), then I'm pretty much out. I don't like to stink.
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There, I just gave you your thousandth favorite. No more sleepless nights!
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Sushi would be great. A thread or two at Chowhound mentioned Takashi -- how does that rank vs. Ginza and Hapy Sumo?

I'll be staying at the Red Lion downtown, doing conference stuff during business hours. The evenings of the 29th, 30th and 1st are open.
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The 29th is almost certainly best for me. I have standing meetings on both Weds and Thurs nights, but Tuesday can be made to work.

I've never been to Takashi. Here's a Google Map with local sushi places.

I'm willing to try Takashi. It's on Market Street, and the restaurants in that area skew good.

Mikado is very good. Ginza's been better, I'm hoping they'll come back up a little. Happy Sumo is rock solid, fantastic Vegas roll. Ahh Sushi is a smoky hole of a joint. I Love Sushi is teh suxxorz.

Italian is also an option. Settebello has authentic, wood-fired Tuscan pizza. It's damned good. My wife would love an excuse to go there again.

Get to Cucina Toscana while you're here, but not for the meetup. I promise you won't regret it. Well, maybe your wallet will regret it. But it's totally worth it.
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"I don't like to stink."

And yet, you suggest a place that serves raw fish.
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Not a sushi guy, Crash?

Here's a tip; if a place smells fishy, get the hell out. It only smells that way if stuff is decomposing, and you don't want to be anywhere near that.
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SlyBevel, sounds like you know best re: sushi places. Pick a joint. My flight is scheduled to arrive ~2:00 pm Tuesday. Maybe meet at the restaurant ~7 or 8?
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If you're at the Red Lion, then Market Street (Takashi) is only 2.5 blocks away from you. The Gateway (Happy Sumo) is more like 6 blocks.

I'd prefer to go to Happy Sumo, because I'll have a car and it'll be easier for me to park there. But you may be on foot, and I can totally understand if you prefer the closer restaurant.

If you're willing to do Happy Sumo, I could give you a lift back to Red Lion.

I'm leaving the choice to you, sir.

Oh, and 7:00 or so sounds good.
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OK, Happy Sumo around 7:00.
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Hey Crash, if you're still around, Happy Sumo has really great chicken and steak. And they're not raw. :)
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So....I guess I missed the memo about the secret Mefi handshake.

cog_nate, do you have any obvious affectations I can know you by? I'll be wearing pants.
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"I'll be wearing pants."

Short pants.

But long enough to cover garments.
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Huh. I might try to make this. I am an "information scientist" but I'm not going to ULA. Will someone put a Mefi sign on the table or something?
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I don't think cog-nate's intention was to keep out those not in Info-tech, but rather to encourage Mefi-ers who are into it to show. So if you're a Mefi-er and you're in the area, come on out.

How about this?

I haz a blue laser.

When people walk in the door, if we're already seated, I'll squiggle it on the ceiling of the place, and then you'll know.

And if you walk in the door, and say "Mefi" semi-loudly, I'll do that for sure.

Also, I have magical digits. 801 for Utah. The first part after that is 940.

And the last part is 1506. My name is Jake.

When you get there, if you feel so inclined, you may use my magical digits to contact me and we'll figure out the rest from there.
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Alrighty then. I have 8 month old twins at home, so I might not be able to make it out. But if I do I will use your magical digits to contact you. My name is Anna.
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Good, then there's the possibility that Mrs. SlyBevel won't be the only lady in the group.
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Well the meetup was great!

Who showed? Myself, Mrs. SlyBevel, and bewarethewumpus.

Just so happens wumpus is also my brother.

The food was amazing last night, but slow. We ordered five rolls at about 7:20, but didn't get them to the table until almost 8:00.

Here's a snap of the three of us.

cog_nate, gnat, crash, so sorry you missed us. Maybe some other time.
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Whoops, that photo link should have been this.
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Rats. I was out of touch all yesterday while in transit. Made it to Happy Sumo just after 7 pm, and was seated at the bar. I'm pretty sure the college kids sitting next to me thought I was some kind of tweaker 'cause I was glancing over my shoulder so often.

Glad some folks showed up, sorry I missed you.

(For the record, I am not a tweaker.)
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Sorry I missed it. I was planning on riding the Frontrunner down, but Mrs. Davis was exhausted from her Frontrunner commuting experience (hint: never actually try to take the train to/from work on a day when it's free to the public).
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I'm sorry it didn't work out, Nate.

I left the keyword "Metafilter" at the podium, with instructions that the hostess say the word to anyone stating they were with a group...

But I don't think she did.

I guess I could have yelled out the "Metafilter" once or twice, but I didn't. We were just off to your right in a booth.

Sorry again. Maybe next time.
posted by SlyBevel at 6:57 PM on May 3, 2008

Sorry I missed it too. My twins are teething, I ended up being too sleepy to go out. Next time!
posted by gnat at 1:03 AM on May 4, 2008

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