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Motorcycling to Dallas — meetup anyone?

I have finally recovered from a cross-Pacific move — 6,000 miles or so from Korea back to the US — and I'm finally coming back out from my MeFi rock. In addition, my mister and I just bought a new BMW motorcycle and we're gonna drive it from Houston to Dallas April 20 for ONE! NIGHT! ONLY! Our sole destination is drinks (and maybe dinner) at Trader Vics.* If anyone wants to join us, we could call it a meetup.

Alternatively, we could also meet up in Houston on a different date, as I've never been able to make it to a single MeFi meetup, either stateside or in Korea. I would like to be welcomed back into Western Civilization, because right now I'm feeling a bit like Unfrozen Cave Girl Expat.

*Don't worry, we'll be cabbin' it for the night.
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Not to hijack your thread, but I've been thinking about starting a MeFi™ brand "motorcycling club" (with patches). I'm curious to know how many MeFites out there ride and who'd be interested in riding to meetups.

Congrats on the new bike. I love BMWs; what'd you get? Do you let him sit up front?
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Ahh, TV's closes at 10 p.m. on Sundays. We're only there for one night due to work schedules, unfortunately.

Eideteker — The BMW is a 2004 R1150RT. It's his bike (it's too big for my tastes, but we bought it for road-trippin', and thus we ride 2-up). My bike is a 1973 Bonneville that needs a lot of work. In town, I also ride a 1978 Vespa P125x and he rides a 1963 Vespa P125.
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If--let's be honest: WHEN--you point that new bike down towards New Orleans, send me some mail before you leave. At the very least I'll chauffer you around for the night. If you're REALLY nice, I'll let you take my 1972 Honda CB400 for a spin. Pretty enticing offer, huh?
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1973 Bonneville

Oh my god, that is one sexy bike! My uncle owned a BSA during his day and damn that bike was fun.

I also ride a 1978 Vespa P125x and he rides a 1963 Vespa P125.

You guys make the perfect couple:)
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We had a '94 CB400 when we lived in Korea! Until C got hit by a driver running a red light. He was mostly okay but the cycle didn't survive :(

Older Hondas are *awesome.* The Bonnie is cosmetically immaculate but is not tuned up enough for long-distance rides. I wish I had pictures to share.

This post is quickly turning into a brag-about-your-bike fest, but that's okay with me.
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Hell's Mefites?

Then you'd have to stab somebody to death at the Apple store.
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Well I'll be damned. I wasn't even aware they'd opened a Trader Vic's here. Shows you how much I pay attention.

I think the SO and I should be down for a fruity something or other, but I'll have to confirm with her once she gets back in town tomorrow night. Any particular time you all are thinking of headed up there?

Then you'd have to stab somebody to death at the Apple store.

I'm waaaaay ahead of you, buddy.
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If anyone is still reading this we'll be there at about 9 pm Sunday night. I'll have on a green sleeveless 60s dress.
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