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Iowa City,IA Michael Chabon reading (4pm) and dinner (6pm?) meet-up, Sunday May 4.

A few weeks ago I got some great suggestions for this visit (I promise best answers and a trip report upon return!), but now something even cooler is going to happen, too!! Please join me for a reading-Q&A-signing by Michael Chabon, author of The Yiddish Policemen's Union and Wonder Boys at Buchanan Auditorium in the Pappajohn Business Building at UI.

The reading starts at 4pm, but I'll probably show up at 3, 3:30ish. You'll know me by the bright orange flip-flops and bright green shirt. I hadn't figured out a place for dinner, but some delicious place walk-able from Pappajohn that's been around a while would be preferable.

For those of you who would want dinner but no Chabon, if you me-mail me a phone number I'll make sure you get called when the reading is over and people head to dinner, or you could just meet us wherever folks decide on. (I'm guessing 6pm)
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Cool, I think I'll be around that weekend. Might I suggest The Mill or The Sanctuary for dinner? Sanctuary has a better beer list, but the Mill is closer.
posted by anomie at 4:20 PM on April 22, 2008

I think The Mill sounds more my kinda place, and I also like the "closer" aspect. Let's do it!
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Damnit. The 4th is my father's birthday. I could finally meet some MeFi'ers and familial obligations intrude. Although I can still probably make it, actually; I just might have to leave early.

I'm going to sneak in another option and declare that we should go to India Cafe, though. I'm having a love affair with Indian food right now. It's about three blocks from the Pappajohn building, near the Java House, and it's almost as good as Masala's used to be.
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saveyoursanity: yay for coming! i me-mailed the locals with The Mill plan though already, and since I think a lot of the area readers don't drop into MeTa regularly, let's not lose anyone by making a switcheroonie... next time... :-/
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Woah, actually I was planning on (maybe) being in Cedar Rapids that weekend. I should be able to make it to this. I'll definitely keep up with this thread.
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it looks like we may be a small, but loving group. hope to see y'all next sunday.
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I'll be in Iowa City this afternoon. so if anyone sees a short girl with ridiculously curly hair wearing a woot pirate shirt, you can yell "Erika" and I'll respond. Or "metafilter", I guess.

Now I am getting an image of playing Marco Polo in the ped mall.

Hopefullyz I'll wander into y'all, since that's who I'm aiming for, but I'm world-renown for getting found, not finding!
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So were you able to meet anyone?
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