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Did the big Buffalo meetup ever happen?

And if so, I missed it, so can we do it again? I, too, am in Allentown, and would suggest that we have more bars per block than anywhere closer than.. er.. Chippewa, which is, admittedly, only a few blocks away. But I'm too old for the whole Chippewa experience. And the Allentown bars are much better anyway.

OTOH, Mefites are probably happier when fed, so Duffs would probably do as well, although unlike most, I don't consider them the Best Wings Ever. The wings at the Gate aren't bad, though, either.

Buffalonians? Anyone interested? (As a factor for me - I'm not available most Saturdays.)
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You mean this meetup from January? Looks like it had an attendance of four, so not so big.
posted by mumkin at 8:54 PM on April 25, 2008

mumkin: "You mean this meetup from January? Looks like it had an attendance of four, so not so big."

Yeah, that would have been the one. Didn't make it to the bottom of the page, I guess. I figured it was so long ago that it might just be better to use it as a springboard to suggest another.

What I should do is find out when the next Portland meetup is and come home for my annual visit ~then~. :)
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I also missed the January one. I'm in for any weekend or weekday after May 9. Anywhere but Chippewa is fine by me.
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The meetup was glorious, size be damned! I am up for another.
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Man! I missed it! I was looking for it, too, but obviously not too well...

I would be up for it as well.
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Yes, we talked about having another in the next season, which it now is.

I don't dig Duff's. Allen Street Hardware? Sundays are better for me than Saturdays, most of the time.
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So, after the ninth, but not the eleventh. The weekend of the 16th is shot for me. So, the days that work are

Saturday 10th (if that is alright for you Ms.Riverine)
Sunday 25th (Voidcontext has a conference the following weekend)

What say you all?
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By after the ninth, I really meant the 10th. The 25th works for me...
posted by kuujjuarapik at 10:09 AM on April 27, 2008

I could do the 10th if it is after 3pm ( I work until then).
posted by Riverine at 10:32 AM on April 27, 2008

10th after 3pm works for me.
posted by voidcontext at 6:04 PM on April 27, 2008

By "after the ninth, I really meant the 10th", I really meant after the 10th. Sorry to be so confusing.
posted by kuujjuarapik at 11:40 AM on April 28, 2008

I had another idea: Founding Father's Pub on Edward near Delaware. I think they open at 4pm Saturdays. Great grub, trivia and bevvies.

Any conflicts with the late afternoon of the 9th?
posted by Riverine at 4:22 PM on April 28, 2008

well, the 9th wont work then.

Any objections to the last weekend of the month?
posted by munchingzombie at 11:58 AM on April 30, 2008

MZ, do you mean Memorial Day weekend, which gets into June, or the one prior?

May 24 or 25 are fine for me. Saturday, May 31 does not work.
posted by Riverine at 4:25 PM on May 1, 2008

Memorial Day weekend?

Oh hell, we might have to do this in June to accommodate everyone.
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posted by Riverine at 7:06 PM on May 10, 2008

I'm still up for it. It looks like interest has dwindled since the thread dropped off the front page. Maybe we should re-post?
posted by kuujjuarapik at 8:37 AM on May 12, 2008

repost! We can do it guys and gals.
posted by munchingzombie at 2:55 PM on May 12, 2008

I sent a shout out to those I could. Can everyone post availability for Sundays in June? (Meep cannot do Saturdays, I think.)

I find all my Sundays open, but would prefer not to meet June 15 (Father's Day/Allentown Art Fest).
posted by Riverine at 5:55 PM on May 15, 2008

I am not free the 15th or the 22nd. Sorry!
posted by oflinkey at 6:08 PM on May 15, 2008

I will be in Toronto seeing Leonard Cohen (wheeeee!) on the 8th, but I'm free other than that.

Can also do Friday nights, although if we do that, Allentown is pretty much out. Too damned crowded with the drunk, disorderly and pick-up crowd.

If people can afford the $$, Butter(field?)'s in Williamsville on Main serves some pretty incredible desserts, and a dark, bitter brew to set them off perfectly. (You can also get them at the Chocolate Bar, but it's on Chippewa and definitely not a Friday night place. Not sure that they're open on Sundays.)

Spot Coffee on Delaware & Chippewa (sorry kuujjuarapik, but it's pretty mellow on Sunday afternoons. I swear.) isn't a bad choice for a Sunday. It has plenty of seating, and free wireless if anyone is going to be too twitchy w/o their computer.

As Riverine pointed out, Allentown Hardware is good, as well, although the beverages can be kinda spendy. The cheese & fruit plate is good, though.

The other option is, of course, to make it a monthly or bi-monthly thing so that we do it on an alternating day so everyone can come at least once in a while. If we're going to do that, though, I think we should hunt down everyone in the area and offer them the chance to participate. :)

(*eyes the "Note: Everyone needs a hug." thing below the live preview box with some bemusement* So.. I'm supposed to hug people when I comment? What?)
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I'm busy on the 7th & 8th, but free for the rest of the month. The Spot on Chippewa is fine by me, I just didn't want to deal with the weekend party crowd. So, count me in anywhere and anytime after the 8th.
posted by kuujjuarapik at 8:16 PM on May 15, 2008

Okay, so the 1st and 29th are our options. Anyone who can't make those?
posted by Riverine at 9:39 AM on May 16, 2008

Either are good for me.

Have you gotten any response from anyone but me & kuujjuarapik? In email, maybe? (Ponders hunting down locals she's talked with in AskMeta and seeing if they're interested in coming.)
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No emails, just responses here. I say go ahead and hunt down other locals.
posted by Riverine at 8:25 AM on May 17, 2008

I can make the 1st.

VoidContext and I can make the 29th.
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Okay, let's declare the 29th the day.

Now, where do we meet?

I would prefer not to go to Williamsville or any place expensive. I'd like to bike, too, so Allentown or Elmwood or the like are best.

Have you guys ever been to Boomerangs? I's a resto/bar at Niagara and School streets, full menu, some sophisticated options, good prices, and room to spread out.
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Just to be clear we are talking June 29th, right?

Boomerangs sounds lovely.
posted by munchingzombie at 6:02 PM on May 18, 2008

Sunday, June 29, yes.

Bring your jukebox money!
posted by Riverine at 2:01 PM on May 19, 2008

Count me in. Never been to Boomerangs, but I'll googlemap it. Anyone else?
posted by kuujjuarapik at 7:27 PM on May 19, 2008

If there are no objections, I'll post the 29th at Boomerangs on the Meetup list sometime this weekend.

posted by Riverine at 6:35 PM on May 23, 2008

Works for me...

Next time around, though, can I request we don't hold it so out of the way? If most of us live in Allentown or the Elmwood village somewhere there would be nice since gas has now passed $4 (at some point between when I went to work and when I took my lunch break yesterday!!!) having it around there would make sense. I know this place isn't far, but getting there involves cutting through a rough area, so it's not really walkable.

But, I got a car recently, so I should be able to get there OK. :D

Oh, and speaking of gas, the citgo (?) on the corner of Main and Youngs in williamsville has one of those old-fashioned signs still. So, when everyone else was at 4.07 they were at 3.99 still. Just a heads up if you're in the area and may need gas, since I've noticed they're usually a day or so behind changing their signs.
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Yes, I vote that next time, KD can pick location.
posted by Riverine at 2:35 PM on May 24, 2008

Here's a little map and review of Boomerang's.
posted by Riverine at 2:37 PM on May 24, 2008

Um, what time shall we meet?
posted by Riverine at 2:38 PM on May 24, 2008

it's a sunday, right? any time is cool for me.
posted by Kellydamnit at 11:08 AM on May 25, 2008

biscotti and/or I shall endeavor to make it but I'll not promise; she and her sister have a cottage a cottage on the Bruce peninsula running through the 28th.
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We still don't have a time picked out. I am suggesting 4pm for no reason--tell when works for you.
posted by Riverine at 1:49 PM on June 7, 2008

ah... four pm. The snacking hour!
works for me.
posted by Kellydamnit at 9:11 PM on June 15, 2008

Sounds good.
posted by voidcontext at 11:58 AM on June 17, 2008

Bumping: Sunday is coming up fast! Everyone still in?
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posted by kuujjuarapik at 7:22 PM on June 23, 2008

I may not be able to make it... Looks like I have a photo shoot going on, so it depends on how long that takes.
posted by Kellydamnit at 9:18 PM on June 25, 2008

damnit, Kelly.
posted by kuujjuarapik at 9:49 PM on June 25, 2008

I'll see all of you at 4pm tomorrow!
posted by Riverine at 2:26 PM on June 28, 2008

"Closed on Sundays"

A Buffalo classic.
posted by kuujjuarapik at 1:39 PM on June 29, 2008

Hope anyone who showed up found the note I left. I am feeling punky with a summer cold, so when no one else was there at 4:15, I went home.
posted by Riverine at 3:29 PM on June 29, 2008

I was coming in from East Aurora, so I ran into some flash downpours. I was there about 4:35.
posted by oflinkey at 4:38 PM on June 29, 2008

So do we want to try it again?
posted by Kellydamnit at 3:54 PM on July 8, 2008

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