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Hey, there, London. I'll be visiting from May 16 through the 26th and would like to drink with you.

I'll probably spend the first day or two getting my bearings and recovering from jetlag. I understand that the last three days of my vacation will be a bank holiday and people will probably have made other plans. That leaves us with Sunday, May 18th through Friday, May 23. I've made plans for the evening of Thursday, May 22.

So . . . Sunday, May 18th through Wednesday, May 21 and the evening of May 23rd are the best times for me.

Any drinking establishment is good, as long as it doesn't feature slugs or lettuce or Red Bull or Burberry caps. No need to reinvent the wheel; if a place has worked well in the past, that's fine by me. But if we have to break a tie, let's pick the place with the best beer selection.

So . . . when and where would you like to meet up?

Looking forward to meeting all of you in person!
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Weeknights are pretty hard for me to get into London, but I hope you enjoy your trip!
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I can only do the 18th and I'm flying to Ireland early the next morning so... um, well, probably factor me out. But if it does happen on the 18th, I'll try to swing by for a bit before going home to frantically pack.
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My wife and I will be in London on the nights of the 19th and 20th.

(We'll also be at the Explosions ATP if any other Mefites are going...)
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I might be in London that week. Watch this space.
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One vote for Friday 23 May here.
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Weekend meetups tend to be better in terms of ability to attend, ability of getting rather merry etc.

On the location side of things, today's justification for suggesting a Smiths is that they provide a perfect hearty English pub atmosphere for those visiting from abroad. Also this absolutely class review of the Lyceum Tavern:
Nearby Kings College ensures this pub is 'student friendly' so the theatre crowd mingles with the students, which means the totty quota will be exceptional, especially for a pre-theatre pub.
Alternatively, I've had my eye on The Rising Sun for a while. But then we did just trek out to Farringdon again recently, whilst the Strand remains a handily central area.
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Weekend meetups tend to be better in terms of ability to attend, ability of getting rather merry etc.

Fair enough . . the only reasons I suggested a weeknight were:

*I was concerned that nobody would be in London 5/24-5/26 because of the bank holiday, that everyone would be at the beach or something.

*For the first weekend, I was concerned about jetlag. I'll be getting in on Friday morning. I wasn't sure if I'd actually be awake and alert and sociable on Friday evening. (Or even Saturday.) But again, if this concern is unwarranted, I'm open to Saturday the 17th.

Would you all prefer the weekend? Is that how you usually do it?
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This is where I point out that I'm gigging at the Good Ship in Kilburn on the 20th. We could meetup there AND on the 23rd.

Unabashed Self-Link to Facebook Event.

I feel a bit like ludwig_van.
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Hear that Jason? A trip to Kilburn's in your future!

I vote for drink.
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I feel a bit like ludwig_van

Can't wait to see the 'tache.
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May I also add that this takes place on Saturday, 24th May so if the meetup is on that day, it must be arranged at a pub which has a TV tuned to BBC1.
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I actually vote school night. I'd rather have a hangover on someone else's time.* However, I suggest Jason picks the day that suits him best and then we can see who's where.

*Not really, oh worshipful theoretical future client/employer with extremely thorough Google-checking practices.
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Count me in! I vote non-school night, I hate being hungover a work, but I'll go with whatever the consensus is.
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And I just read essexjan's link - a Eurovision meetup would be all manner of untold ossumness.
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I just read essexjan's link - a Eurovision meetup would be all manner of untold ossumness.

Actually, last year's (100% awesome) Eurovision thread ended with a 'everybody must meet up and have a Eurovision party' exhortation.

Not sure about my freeness yet, I will keep staring at my diary until something does or doesn't appear.
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My own preference, if it's going to be the second weekend of j_p's visit, is for the Friday, because people who work in town are more likely to attend. A Eurovision party is in theory a good idea but probably not workable in practice at such short notice.
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Yer I've just taken a quick survey of my living room and I'd have to buy too many chairs to offer to host. But one of these years we should make. it. happen!
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A Eurovision party is in theory a good idea but probably not workable in practice at such short notice.

Whoa, whoa, we have almost four whole weeks. Let's just calm down, take a deep breath, and think rationally for a minute before we throw this beautiful thought away.
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Mrs Mutant & I can make it but we'd prefer a Friday or Saturday. Also its gotta be someplace either without a dress code or with a low standard (it's my fault - she's always impeccably dressed in the latest Dutch fashions).

Not to derail, but anyone else going to see Einsturzende Neubauten on May 22nd, or Joe Jackson on June 22nd? If we've got critical mass it might be neat to plan a meet up around one of those two shows.

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Also its gotta be someplace either without a dress code or with a low standard

Another vote here for low standards.

And I am picking Friday, May 23rd as the night of the meetup. That seems to be the evening that works best for most of you.

So . . . Friday evening, May 23. That's when we will have this meetup.
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Ok, the when is sorted, now for the where.

Me, I like Clerkenwell/Farringdon/Holborn. Nothing too far west. Of course, the pub must serve fruit beer.
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Wish I could come but sadly I am indeed away for the bank holiday weekend- I hope we can have another meetup sometime this summer. Hope you guys have fun, even without the Serbian musical madness!
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I should be able to make it on the 23rd (no, really). Clerkenwell/Farringdon/Holborn is very convenient for me, so I support those suggestions though I'm also happy to go a bit further afield.
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Have plans on the 23rd, so I'm sorry I'll miss you! If you're still in New York this Sunday you should come out to Hi-Fi.
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23rd's good for me. Anywhere within Zone 3 is fine.

Also, any MeFites who want to come along to my gig at the Good Ship in Kilburn on Tuesday the 20th of May 2008 will still, of course, be welcomed.

And, hangover permitting, I'm totally up for watching EuroVision with some likeminded types on the Saturday.

However, I must stress that I am not playing at Eurovision (this year) and likewise, Eurovision is not taking place in Kilburn (this year).
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I've always thought Kilburn sounds like somewhere that should be in Scotland.
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Kilburn *is* somewhere that should be in Scotland.
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...or at least quite a bit further away.
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Not sure it serves fruit beer, though, unless it's a lager top.
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Non-Sam Smith's it may be, but it is a Young's, so it's all good.
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I may be there too.
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I like randomination's suggestion. (The Sekforde Arms in Clerkenwell)

The only issue I have with the place is the possible crowding.

Some of the reviews mentioned that Sekforde Arms was a kind of small pub.

Would we have enough space, especially on Friday?
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Well, one of the comments on BITE mentions that it's quiet on Saturday because few people yet know it's actually open then...
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Er. Except it's on Friday.


I obviously haven't had enough tea today.
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I'm around, and dammit - this time I'll be there fo' sho! Am good for anything central.
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Ok, lets actually do it right this time and make a concerted effort not to end up shouting at each other in a crowded pub on a friday night. We need to either find an out of the way boozer, or reserve a function room at a popular joint.

And get off my lawn.
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My favorite meetup EVAR was actually on your lawn.
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Can't make it alas, but hope you guys all have fun!
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Well, I'm up for a pub crawl pre-meetup scouting expedition this Friday evening, if we really want to do our research and get this right.</html>
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Now you're talking. Unfortunately, I will not be available for tonight's research expedition. Also, please excuse the pissy tone of my previous post. Allow me to rephrase:

We really should try to find somewhere that's not packed, if at all possible.
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Colour me in attendance. I have no preferences as to the date and venue, so you kids sort it out amongst yourselves and give me a nudge when you're done.
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Right. I trawled round some pubs near Barbican and Farringdon stations last night with a companion in tow, and here's what we reckon.

Both the Rising Sun and the Sekforde Arms weren't too busy, and I think we'd have no trouble carving out a space for ourselves if people started arriving between 6:30 and 7. Pretty much every other place in the area was seriously packed. (Apart from one real dive off Charterhouse which I won't dignify by naming. Although they did have a fairly good 80s music selection on.)

The Rising Sun is a safe, straightforward Sam Smith's. Quite small in terms of footprint, but there's a second bar upstairs so there's enough space. As you'd expect, there's no music. On a quiet little side-street opposite a church, so while the sun's out there's pleasant standing-outside opportunities to be had, although there's no seating. Bar lady downstairs seemed like she wanted to be somewhere else, but other than that it was a nice crowd. Chessboard table.

The Sekforde Arms did a filling bowl of 'cheesy chips', but felt a bit run-down to be honest, one of your 'someone's non-descript living room that's been turned into a pub' kind of places. Which is nice, if that's what you're looking for, but a bit off-putting if you're not. I think they had some quiet radio playing or something. Also there was an old bloke sitting grumpily by the fireplace who I'm fairly certain called me a bum when I walked past. Dartboard.

We visited a couple other places, and then headed towards Liverpool Street and went to a couple more places there. Nothing to write home about, though. If I had to pick a meet-up pub in the area, my gut would go with the Rising Sun.

(I realise, of course, that having done all this, if it turns out to be crap then I am setting myself up for some serious mocking. In my pre-defence, therefore, my judgement can't be trusted, because I was drunk.)
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Thanks for doing the hard yards, chrismear! The Rising Sun, chaps?
posted by goo at 12:01 PM on May 3, 2008


PS - Rising Sun is good for me.
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chrismear, I applaud your utterly selfless devotion to pissing it up on a Friday night searching out a suitable venue for the meetup.

The Rising Sun sounds great.
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Also, The Rising Sun, being a Sam Smith's, will have fruit beer, which is obligatory for meetups.

Now, is it Mee-Fie or Meh-Fee ...?
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posted by chrismear at 4:20 AM on May 4, 2008

Well done, sir. Rising Sun it is, then?
posted by Optamystic at 5:19 AM on May 4, 2008

It better be. Also, MisterOptamystic, Claire tells me I am am not fat at all, I just sit with a curve. Just saying :p
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So we'll be missing the meetup, but for reference, where is the Rising Sun?
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Here's the details.
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decent job. wheat beer it is!
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posted by triv at 11:10 AM on May 7, 2008

posted by cillit bang at 12:04 PM on May 7, 2008

Jan tells me that Chris is a good judge of pub character.

So . . . Rising Sun it shall be.

38, Cloth Fair, London

Starting 6:30-7:00 on the evening of Friday, May 23.
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posted by chrismear at 11:43 PM on May 7, 2008

robocop: I believe a few of us will be going along to Ant's gig on the Tuesday.

Who could resist partying it up in Kilburn?
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D'oh! I'll be arriving in London on May 24th. Dang!
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Wish I could be there.

Keep chrismear away from the cherry sammy smiths.... unless you like being shimmied against.

Have fun everyone!
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lol whut
posted by chrismear at 3:46 AM on May 22, 2008

Thread hijack: I've got a FREE ticket going spare for Stewart Lee, Josie Long and Greg Fleet tonight at the Bloomsbury theatre at 7.30pm (details here). I'm guessing it will finish in time to join the meetup. Mefi mail me if you're interested.
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I'm gonna be a lil late as I've volunteered to cover an absent mate's spot at a gig in Battersea. Let me know if you lot move.
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Going to have to skip this. Sorry everyone, I've just got too much W. S. on at the moment. Rising Sun sounds great though. Next time for sure.
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oh...not sure if I can make it now. I got to "Fight the Power" with PE tonight in Brixton. Have a good one...
posted by oh pollo! at 8:41 AM on May 23, 2008

I'm definitely swinging by. Might bring Mrs. vacapinta too.
posted by vacapinta at 9:12 AM on May 23, 2008

I'm going to have to beg out too - migraine :(
Have a great night ya'll, and I'm sorry I won't get to meet you in London, Jason. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
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To foil anyone else from opting out (and punish those that did so), I have made a Carrot Cake for the occasion.

I wanted to spell out 'Metafilter Meetup' but though I wouldn't have enough vowels to go around, as 'e', is so so popular.

So it's just MeFi blue.

See you folks in about twenty minutes!
posted by Mutant at 10:43 AM on May 23, 2008

Dammit! i rocked up at the Rising Sun - an hour too late it seems, not a mefite to be seen :(

Next time then...*sigh*
posted by freya_lamb at 1:47 PM on May 23, 2008

Well, I suppose that answers my question on whether to head out in the hopes of still finding them there. Last London meetup I was at I think people made MeTa posts on phones. Could the MeFiLo contingent please check in with HQ?
posted by fvw at 2:07 PM on May 23, 2008

The party is very much continuing at the bus stop opposite Camden Town Argos.

at least until this fucking night bus turns up and takes me home

posted by cillit bang at 4:21 PM on May 23, 2008

Great meeting you folks! Wonderful finally being able to put a face (and personality) with the usernames. Hope you all like the pix , and we look forward to seeing yours soon (there were a crapload of cameras there tonight ...)

Take care!
posted by Mutant at 4:22 PM on May 23, 2008

More pix here. I will tag them at some point.
posted by Optamystic at 6:25 PM on May 23, 2008

We were upstairs, freya_lamb. At least until 10.30, when the place closed and they chucked us out.
posted by essexjan at 12:08 AM on May 24, 2008

Photos added above.
posted by essexjan at 1:01 AM on May 24, 2008

Lord I'm confused. I went upstairs and no one was there - not a soul! Was I in the wrong pub? Oh lord. I was, wasn't I.

Doh! Next time y'all...
posted by freya_lamb at 1:32 AM on May 24, 2008

My photos
posted by sueinnyc at 3:40 AM on May 24, 2008

So I took bugger all photos worth uploading.
posted by cillit bang at 4:06 PM on May 25, 2008

Yeah, I messed my dates up and completely forgot about this until today. Apologies to everyone, in particular to Essexjan who kindly messaged me about it!

Looks like fun was had by all :)
posted by triv at 8:50 AM on May 26, 2008

I had such a good time, thanks everyone, good to talk to friends old and new!

But I have to say the Eurovision party was awesome!!!

this was the most amazing weekend...phew...
posted by Wilder at 1:59 PM on May 27, 2008

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