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Spontaneous San Diego Meetup! Okay, sooooo I'm still in town... anybody want to get together for drinks and a pool game or something this week while I'm around?

I'm always up for playing pool! :)
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You mean I'm not the only pool junkie at MetaFilter?

Too bad I'm not in San Diego. I'd almost go just to shoot a few racks.

I just can't do a 750 mile drive at the moment.
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Sunny D is NOT weird.
The mayors are weird.
The news anchors are weird.
The Padres are weird.
Sorry I can't make it, miss l!
(finals week... turning grades in...etc...)
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My relatives are weird. And they live in San Diego. So I guess San Diego is weird.

But why do YOU think it's weird? You're not related to my family, are you?
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An idyllic playground drenched in perpetual sunshine, sprinkled with tony sybarites who eat fresh fruits from their backyard each morning?
I moved East as fast as my pink little feets would carry me.
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San Diego is pretty weird, but I'm from Baltimore and have only moved here in the last year, so anyplace with palm trees, almost perpetual good weather (it's cold and dreary today, which is not sitting well with me at all) and a plethora of fish tacos? is WEIRD.

But I'm too shy to do meetups and I'm not a metafilter Name, so...
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Sure, where?
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Now about Bluefoot?
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Man, I wish I could but I'm pretty land-locked with kiddos. On the off chance that you'd like to have a couple cervezas with me, I'm taking Wednesday off to work on my car. :)
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Shit, there go my plans for Friday night.
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Okay, you got me. I can't do the meetup now. Please send me a cake with a file in it.

Seriously, I got distracted with crazy sister drama so now I'm not sure when I can do it. Which is frustrating. I have to be up in LA on Thursday now & am not sure when I'll be back yet. Grrr. Sooooo, anyone in San Diego who is open to a meetup please e-mail me. I'll e-mail you when I get back.

And don't be silly about this "Metafilter NAME" thing! I only became a Mefi name by going through a severe depression while bored out of my mind working at home with a laptop. So good for you if you aren't one!
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I'd like to publicly state that I'm open for a meetup--but it would probably be better for me if it were on the weekend or maybe sometime next week. I guess it'll depend on when/where.
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Oh, and for pool, I enjoy the Aero Club, although it's gentrified a bit lately. I haven't been to the Bluefoot, but I know where it is, and that would be fine as well.
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I might be in, depending on when.
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