Berlin: mich, dich, Sie, euch, und uns. Was denken wir? May 8, 2008 9:59 AM   Subscribe

Hallo Berlin. I arrive on June 2 and would love to meet you. Anyone in the mood for a something sometime thereafter?

I'm returning to your beguiling city after nine years, this time for a several-month stay that's something more than just a visit. I have no suggestions for a venue, am open to anything, and will be happy anywhere drinking or eating anything. I'm camping in Prenzlauer Berg but will gladly travel.

PS I would have written this in German but at present I only inflict my mangling of the language upon close friends. Also, it would have taken me about five hours.
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I can usually be persuaded to drink a beer on the week-ends, at least if it's in Kreuzberg or Neuk├Âlln. Also a Mefite has a bar here.
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I'm totally game, contingent on a vast number of factors I have no control over and that spring up at the most inconvenient times - which is to say, my beloved, very young, children.
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You know, when springtime comes to Berlin there's nothing better than grilling in G├Ârlitzer Park. Of course we might have hailstorms in June for all I can tell. The weather here tends to fuck with you, much like From Bklyn's vast hordes of children.
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That Mefite with a bar was kind enough to give me a few Berlin tips a few months ago when I was looking for eine Wohnung- I think he even put up a little ad for me over said bar. So I'd be glad to patronize his place of business.

Or grilling. Or something. The weather in Brooklyn is fucking with me as I type.
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Have you ever been in Kaisers waiting for the butcher when one of the Turkish women requests a lamb? And they hand this lamb over the counter and she puts it in her suitcase and walks away? And presumably the man of the house or the oldest brother jabs a spit through the animal, and lights up a big pile of coals on the ground in the middle of the park, and the family drags a tent and a samovar and a whole dinette set out there and sets up camp, and they sit there slowly spinning this lamb all day long? They make Thanksgiving look like dogshit. At the top of my game I am miles away from that kind of action.

I do however have a nice grill stashed away at a secret location near the park, and lately I've been thinking about getting a bunch of chicken hearts from Kaisers, marinating them overnight, and then sticking skewers into them and tossing them on the grill. Also I can make a mean hamburger. My dad's been known to grill a turkey, but he's retired so he can focus all his energies on what he's doing, unlike me. If I were retired I'd totally be scoping out rabbits in the park or I'd just grab a few ducks out of the Spree, and I promise you that if a rabbit runs across our feet I'll chase it down and slap it on the grill, but otherwise I think we can set up a nice array of pork, chicken and beef products if we all work together.
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They make Thanksgiving look like dogshit. At the top of my game I am miles away from that kind of action.

After living in New York for five years, "at the top of my game" means picking up takeout instead of getting it delivered. Anything beyond that counts as true ambition.
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