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Blogger's new announcement: just a blogspot change. Rather clever, actually. I might even buy one myself.. anyone else?
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More specifically it's a deal. If you buy one year of Blog*Spot hosting for $12, you get $12 of free pyRads. Sorry for not being more specific with my FPP, I just like short FPP's.
posted by insomnyuk at 10:04 PM on January 10, 2002

Zippy! I confess, I was looking for a way to buy myself an ad without feeling dirty. Well, here it is. I just made a couple of my favorite people ad-free for a year. Thanks for the post!
posted by frykitty at 10:32 PM on January 10, 2002

> I just made a couple of my favorite people
> ad-free for a year.

I wish I had a friend like that. My friends tried to pay Blogger to make my ads bigger. And with sound.
posted by pracowity at 7:02 AM on January 11, 2002

...and popunders. (which display flash files...)
posted by Steven Den Beste at 12:52 PM on January 11, 2002

Hey! Unless something has gone wrong with the Blogger ad system, somebody did it! A thousand thanks to whoever it was. Good people walk the earth.
posted by pracowity at 7:09 AM on January 14, 2002

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