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South Florida meet up

Anyone want to have a South Florida meet up? I'm in Boca Raton, but I'd be willing to travel to Haulover.
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By the way, you can keep your bathing suit on if you want. It's a "clothing optional" beach. I've frequently visited with groups who prefer to remain clothed.
posted by srs at 9:03 PM on July 6, 2008

Boca Raton, yay, say hello to my Grammy and Grampy for me. :-D
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I can fit 2-4 people here if anyone wants to come from out of town... more if you have sleeping bags... females and couples only. I'm not asking for anything sexual by suggesting a MeFi meet up at a nude beach; I know all the regulars there. It's just that this job search thing is driving me crazy and it'd be good to drink and chat with with some educated people.
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I missed the Tampa one, but BR and Haulover are just too far away :)
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A nude meetup would definitely be a MeFi first.
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If we can move it closer to St. Pete and in a more...non-nude setting, I'm totally there. ;-)
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I go to school in Boca, but won't be back until August, so if y'all are willing to hold off until then...
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ditto on what taumeson said.

Actually, if there's enough interest, I could try and get together another Tampa Bay Area thing in the next few weeks.
So, Central-Floridians, Memail me if you're interested, instead of posting here and continuing to muck up the South Florida meetup thread with "oh, but I live too far north!"
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Let's postpone a South Florida meet until August? Ft. Pierce area could be an alternative location. I go up there every other weekend.
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Maybe we could meet up at Playalinda, a naturist beach on Cape Canaveral National Seashore, near Orlando (farther north). Since it's a buffer zone for NASA, the dunes are unusually well preserved. Also, on the way in, there are lots of signs stating that public nudity is illegal in Brevard County, but the stubborn old hippies don't seem to care. I thought I was being watched by the aliens, since we were in NASA's buffer zone, and that they'd be disappointed when they finally visited earth. It's definitely worth seeing even if you only want to stop by for an hour. Like I said, everyone can keep their suits on. It's worth going just to be on a beach where you can drink. I will post another MetaTalk about the options in August, or you can comment here with an e-mail address at which I can reach you.
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