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St. Louis Meetup on the 17th...

-t will be in St. Screwy on the 17th. Since he references Meatbomb's travels of a few years ago, I figured perhaps we can add to the MeFi -related graffiti at the Black Thorn, then maybe treat him to the Pride of South City, i.e. Ted Drewes. (god knows he's gonna find the heat oppressive.) What say y'all?
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If I'm back in town from Gencon, I think that would be awesome.
posted by khaibit at 7:47 AM on July 11, 2008

Unless of course, my months are off and you meant this month. In which case, I'm certainly in. Dammit.
posted by khaibit at 7:48 AM on July 11, 2008

Yeah, I meant like, next Thursday.
posted by notsnot at 8:18 AM on July 11, 2008

I'll be there, of course.
posted by Green Eyed Monster at 9:07 AM on July 11, 2008

I can't make it.
posted by pieoverdone at 11:22 AM on July 11, 2008

I'm very sorry to say I will not be able to attend. Hugs to my St. Louis peoples.
posted by Meatbomb at 12:24 PM on July 11, 2008

There's Mefi graffiti at the Black Thorn?
posted by Bookhouse at 3:00 PM on July 11, 2008

Oh man, Ted Drewes looks sweet. Meatbomb, I'll have... wait. Oh, oh, I don't know what I'll have for you, but I'll have something. If I had one of those in my neighborhood, I'd be gargantuan by now.
posted by -t at 4:06 PM on July 11, 2008

Meatbomb left the graffiti about a year ago.
posted by notsnot at 6:07 PM on July 11, 2008

Is there a time set?
posted by khaibit at 6:52 AM on July 16, 2008

For lack of better planning, let's say the Black Thorn, 3735 Wyoming St
Saint Louis, MO 63116, just west of the South Grand district. Mefi Mail or email me if you need further directions. What say 7:00 on Thursday?

One thing to note: it takes an hour at least, from order to serving of pizza.

I will be Mefi mailing everyone in my radius, hope that's not an issue...
posted by notsnot at 8:15 AM on July 16, 2008

Wow, right in my neighborhood! Will try to be there. I have something going on but might be able to show up around 8.
posted by bkeaggy at 10:55 AM on July 16, 2008

Sounds fantastic.
posted by khaibit at 2:28 PM on July 16, 2008

I may be able to stop in.
posted by Emperor SnooKloze at 10:32 AM on July 17, 2008

I've been looking forward to meeting someone with such an interesting username since I saw the little "nearby" icon in front of your name, Emperor.

I talked to -t at about 1:45 and he was in Joplin, headed here. Barring traffic nonsense, he should be in time for 7:00 still.
posted by notsnot at 12:53 PM on July 17, 2008

I will try to swing by. I've heard the pizza there is great.
posted by MarvinTheCat at 1:00 PM on July 17, 2008

I'm wearing a MeFi shirt!
posted by notsnot at 4:34 PM on July 17, 2008

Great meetup! More than four people showed up! Terry's a great guy, and brings a long good stories to regale the crowd. I think he was stunned by Ted Drewes's sheer...neon goodness. THen again driving across MO with the heat on to keep your car from overheating will make anything cold taste delicious.

Pictures will be forthcoming.
posted by notsnot at 9:21 AM on July 18, 2008

Doh. I missed it completely and really wanted to be at one of these. Please keep me on the "to be poked" list.
posted by Kid Charlemagne at 6:22 PM on July 22, 2008

Damn! I'm really disappointed I couldn't go—unfortunately, this was scheduled while I was out of town for my first weeklong vacation since late 2006. Ditto Kid Charlemagne—and can we know a little further in advance next time?
posted by limeonaire at 1:27 PM on July 23, 2008

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