-t's roadtrip and the first ever Fayetteville, Arkansas (and region) meetup. July 12, 2008 1:35 AM   Subscribe

-t's roadtrip and the first ever Fayetteville, Arkansas (and region) meetup.

-t is making his road trip from Colorado to Tennessee and is gracing us with his presence. Let's have a meetup. Fayetteville, Arkansas, is a reasonable drive for an evening meetup for those in the area, I hope. The guest hopes to arrive in town around 6pm, so I was thinking 7:30pm for the time.

It's a Wednesday, so we can probably find some deals on Dickson. D's Pizza has pizza, salads, cheap but yummy wings on Wednesday, and a full bar. Like most Fayetteville spots, if they serve food, smoking is outside only, and I'm not sure if they have a patio. Any suggestions would be very, very helpful. I mostly head to Roger's Rec for cheap pool and beer, but that's not the best place to start.

Please MefiMail or send to my Yahoo email address.
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Fayettvull?! (as us hicks call it around here...lol) I'm just a little south of there. I'm a definite possible maybe. I'll be watching this thread - I'm curious who's close around here.
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There's no way I could possibly get up to NW, but if you're swinging through Little Rock, -t, let me know when. There's a decent chance I could buy you a local brew at Bosco's.
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Thanks middleclasstool. Right now it looks pretty doubtful, but I do appreciate the offer. It would add just too much to the trip back up to St. Louis. Maybe on the return trip?
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MeMail me if you come back through. There's a couple of other Little Rockers, maybe we could use it as an excuse to get off our asses and meet downtown somewhere.
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I just cross-posted over at MeCha. Maybe there will be some folks there who haven't read this here already.

I know the middle of the week is difficult for folks, but we're starting pretty early. I wanted to make sure -t has enough time to get into town and have time to freshen up or whatever before we drag him out on the town.

-t is making a pretty big detour to get down this far south. I'm hoping maybe some of the shy folks will turn up without announcing it here.

There will be at least one camera. It's fine if you don't want your picture taken. We'll just hand the camera to you!
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Ah, Fayette-nam is my old college town. Too bad I'm about 3,000 miles away, or else I'd show up. I left there in '97, went back only for brief visits for the next decade or so, my last visit was in 2002. Fayetteville's changed a lot since I showed up there in the Precambrian, a.k.a. 1992. It's a lot more gentrified, a lot less laid back, and last time I went out to party on Dickson, the Frat Boy scene had pretty much dominated everything. One of these days I'll head back that way. Anyway, sorry for the rant, everyone have fun, wish I could be there!
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zardoz, next time you're in town, please let me know.

I agree that the town has changed a lot. I moved here in '99, but had been a frequent visitor '94-'96, when I would drive up the Pig Trail from Little Rock every chance I had. It has changed a lot even since I moved here. Lots of construction all over the place, on campus and off. More and more sprawl. Still, I love the place a lot.
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I parted ways with -t about an hour ago, he should be there in 7 hours, give or take. It was the most intelligent conversation I've had in a while (A+++ would meet again). This was also the first person I've met through the internet, so hey. His Saab doesn't like the warm weather, so his speed will be dictated by the temperature of the engine. Have fun!
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Just got an update from -t. He's running a bit later than planned. Looks like he's going to be hitting town around 8:30ish.

We're still going to be at D's on Dickson Street at 7:30pm. Likely playing phone tag with the guest of honor until he gets there.
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We met, we had food and beers, and now we're watching Dr. Strangelove at my place with more beers. There will be pictures.
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