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Amsterdam Meetup? Somewhere between Aug 5th (tues) and up to (and through) friday night the 8th?

I'm going to be in Amsterdam, I'm by myself, and I'm hoping some Mefites are interested in meeting up (for a beer? Conversation? Ridiculing of the internet?)

I'm hoping earlier in the week (vs. later), but Friday's still good, as I leave on Sat.
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Yes, beer & conversation is good.
I disavow having ever ridiculed the internet though. If I were the kind of person who partakes in that activity I'm sure I would never be admitted to an SF mefi meetup again.
posted by jouke at 6:08 AM on July 18, 2008

That last Amsterdam meetup with Meatbomb and mutant really looked good. If you can get them both to show up, I'll try to fly over.
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StickyCarpet - Seriously, we'll have fun. I can't get either to show up. Meatbomb will vouch for me, though. I can get me to show up. Hope you do too. Or at very least let the other people in the area know.
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Ok people. I suggest we meet for dinner in restaurant Blauw on thursday august 7.
It's a new style Indonesian restaurant. I hear good things about it.
Since rijsttafel is part of the Indonesian cuisine that should be interesting for somebody visiting from abroad.
Let's say 19:00.
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It's a very popular restaurant I've been told so I'll make reservations this week.
posted by jouke at 2:39 PM on July 29, 2008

There is a possibility that I might turn up. Jouke, I sent you a private message.
posted by spherical_perceptions at 9:24 AM on August 5, 2008

I'll be in town and may show up if there is room. There's another private message waiting for you, jouke.
posted by springload at 9:00 PM on August 5, 2008

Great. I'll change the reservations.
posted by jouke at 10:11 PM on August 5, 2008

Change of plan: the idea is to meetup in Utrecht as a meet-in-the-middle because spherical_perceptions comes from Eindhoven.
Amsterdam-Utrecht is 27 minutes by train. Trains go every 15 minutes.
I will make sure visitors from A'dam will be on the right train back to Amsterdam (provided you'll take the same train at the end of the meetup of course).

You can lookup trains online here . Choose 'treinstation' for both and 'Amsterdam Centraal' and 'Utrecht Centraal' to see the available trains betweeen both destinations.

The old centre of Utrecht is rather nice.

I'll update the thread when I have made reservations in Utrecht.
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I've made reservations for 18:30. Try not to be late since they have a second shift starting at 21:00. So we have until that time.

How to get there from the train station?
Location of Restaurant Blauw in Utrecht.
In the Utrecht trainstation take the centrum side exit, not the 'jaarbeurs' side. Go down to the busses (preferably 'streekbussen', not 'stadsbussen' although either will work). When you're back is to the station go right until you hit a street on the left 'moreelsepark'. Follow that into 'Mariaplaats'. Follow 'Mariaplaats' to the right until it changes after approx. 30 meter into 'Springweg'. The restaurant is on Springweg 64.
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[...] When you're your back is to the station [...]
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To be honest I thought the buildup to this meetup was rather tepid. Something about me making 90 % of the comments in this thread perhaps.
But I really enjoyed myself. Thanks so much guys.
posted by jouke at 3:41 PM on August 7, 2008

Heh, indeed - but it was great fun actually. Jouke, thanks for organising it and making it a nice success! Filmgeek, I hope you have a nice trip back to the US.
posted by spherical_perceptions at 3:30 AM on August 8, 2008

It was my pleasure spher_per.
posted by jouke at 11:51 AM on August 8, 2008

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