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San Francisco Sunday Brunch? Meh. Washington DC Longest Table in the House Sunday Brunch with Extra Bacon!

I am thinking the second Sunday in August for this fry-up. Any suggestions for a place and time? I'd thought of Busboys and Poets but their brunch is so boring now. The Florida Avenue Grill is definitely out of the question. But there are some excellent places around H Street now...
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posted by Ambrosia Voyeur at 7:30 PM on July 21, 2008

I'd be up for it. This is in DC and not San Francisco, right?
posted by mullacc at 9:03 PM on July 21, 2008

Will the longtable have oars?
posted by danOstuporStar at 6:18 AM on July 22, 2008

Peedro sends the following news:

I have some other exciting plans for that second weekend of August that I might like to share in the meet-up thread. I am competing in a BBQ competition Saturday, Aug 9. It's an all-you-can-eat, all-the-beer-you-can-drink, kid and family friendly weekend with about ten bands, camping from Friday to Sunday, and a lake to swim in. It's a really cool event, this will be my fourth year attending.

I'd like to put a post in your meet-up thread about this event but I would feel better with your permission first. I think it does not make a good meet-up venue: it's in the middle of nowhere (Aldie, Va), you have to pay to get in ($30), and have to commit to camping to get the most out of it. But I'd like to put out the info because it would be great if any mefites could make it out for the party.

I don't want to compete with any brunch plans, so I'll only mention this if you think it's cool.
posted by parmanparman at 7:38 AM on July 22, 2008

The BBQ competition is a little much for me, but I'm still interested in a brunch meetup in DC.
posted by mullacc at 10:14 AM on July 22, 2008

Hmm... I'd be down for late August brunch, like the 4th or 5th Sunday. But if I'm the world's only person with that view, it doesn't make sense to change things around.
posted by ibmcginty at 10:58 AM on July 22, 2008

Maybe. We're out of town on Saturday the 9th but might be back in time for Sunday. I like the brunch idea!
posted by onlyconnect at 11:16 AM on July 22, 2008

If it's to be a Sunday, it'll have to be the 10th or 24th for me.
posted by MrMoonPie at 11:16 AM on July 22, 2008

(We're also around in late August.)
posted by onlyconnect at 11:16 AM on July 22, 2008

posted by onlyconnect at 11:17 AM on July 22, 2008

So, we're on to August 10th! Anyone want to throw in some places?
posted by parmanparman at 12:36 PM on July 22, 2008

Why don't we wait a day and do restaurant week?

(I say this as if i'm actually going to show up for one)
posted by empath at 4:42 PM on July 22, 2008

I misread this as "longest bacon in the world", which would be, you know, awesome.

This comment has nothing to do with anything
(god I love bacon)
so much I just typed &lt/BACON&gt

posted by scrump at 5:31 PM on July 22, 2008

I have just discovered the Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights does an all-you-can-eat bacon spread for brunch on Sunday mornings and they have a patio, a band, and (I know!) beer. How does that sound?
posted by parmanparman at 9:47 PM on July 22, 2008

Sounds good to me! I might even make it to the meet up this time!
posted by necessitas at 12:10 PM on July 23, 2008

Wonderland, August 10, noonish (?) sounds good to me.
posted by MrMoonPie at 8:42 AM on July 24, 2008

Me too likely, or likey as it were.
posted by danOstuporStar at 4:36 PM on July 24, 2008

If anyone is curious about the bbq competition, mefimail me for details! It is a spectacle not to be missed.
posted by peeedro at 10:31 PM on July 24, 2008

OK! We're confirming Wonderland Ballroom at 12 or so p.m. on August 10. I'll be in the one wearing sunscreen. See you there.
posted by parmanparman at 7:21 AM on July 27, 2008 peeedro talked me into doing his thing. Sorry for the bait and switch.
posted by MrMoonPie at 6:02 PM on July 29, 2008

So, is this thing gonna happen?
posted by anotherpanacea at 12:24 PM on August 4, 2008

Yes! We'll meet at Wonderland at noon on Aug 10. See you there!
posted by parmanparman at 10:55 AM on August 6, 2008

Hoo boy. We now have a baby shower to which we have to travel the day before, and a day of work for me on the day of. :( Maybe my better half will make it, though.
posted by onlyconnect at 8:16 AM on August 8, 2008

OK, See you at noon. I'll be the one in the brown polo shirt and shorts on the patio.
posted by parmanparman at 7:42 AM on August 10, 2008

So how'd it go down? peeedro's thing was awesomely amazing, for what it's worth.
posted by MrMoonPie at 10:51 AM on August 11, 2008 [1 favorite]

Well, it was just me and parmanparman, and the Wonderland Ballroom doesn't do the bacon special anymore, but the beer, food, and conversation were all good.
posted by djb at 5:12 PM on August 11, 2008

It was good to hang out with you, MrMoonPie. Maybe next year we can mobilize more MeFites to party with us.
posted by peeedro at 10:38 PM on August 11, 2008

Gah, I can't believe I forgot about the brunch. Sorry, guys.
posted by mullacc at 8:29 PM on August 18, 2008

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