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So, Worldcon is in Denver. Enough of us for a meetup?

So, I'm thinking Thursday early evening, at a Bar To Be Named Later (Natives, can you Name A Good Bar near the CCC?)
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what is worldcon
posted by boo_radley at 9:59 AM on August 1, 2008

Appears to be a Science Fiction convention.
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Well, we normally me(fi)etup at the Falling Rock Tap House. It's about a ten minute walk. If you need closer.... there's Rock Bottom or Marlowes, both on 16th St.
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When I was a teenage SF fan leading a lonely existance on a sparsely-inhabited rock in the middle of the Atlantic I dreamed to one day attend Worldcon. However, I now have the nagging suspicion that Worldcon has been blown up so much in my imagination that it can't but be a disappointment when I do go. Either way, I'll be far away from Denver.
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I'll be at Denvention.

You should try it, Katullus. But cut your teeth on something smaller and closer to home like Readercon (you just missed this year's.)
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I've been to one, many moons ago. If you're a lit SciFi/Fantasy geek, it's usually worth it simply for the overwhelming number of authors that attend. The lit panels I attended there were the best I've ever seen.

The one I went to was a fun time--probably greatly enhanced by the fact it was in New Orleans that year. Next year's in Montreal is the first one in quite a while I've seriously considered trying to attend.
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Is this the kind of Science Fiction convention that's about Science Fiction or the kind that's about TV shows and costumes?
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ooh meetup!

I won't be at worldcon but I do live in Denver!

Nails, I vote we check to see if the Rockies are going to be in town. If they are, any LoDo bar on that end of town including Falling Rock will be tres lame.
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shit, the Rockies will be in town for a 1.05 matinee game on Thursday, which means the drunken hordes will be leaving the park and descending upon the bars just about the time we want to be there. I'd say any bar that's north(ish) of Lawrence/Larimer and east of, say, 17th is going to be a madhouse.

The Convention Centre is actually not in LoDo it's more of the Financial District shading towards uptown. Bonus: it's very close to lightrail. We should strive for something closer to Civic Centre / Colfax.
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Sure -- we have to count on the locals for drinks spots, but think of it this way -- a local meetup with a few travelers stopping by.
posted by eriko at 8:44 AM on August 2, 2008

Is this the kind of Science Fiction convention that's about Science Fiction or the kind that's about TV shows and costumes?

Worldcon is vast; it contains multitudes. You could fill your days with things of literary interest or of costuming interest. The program guide is online and you could see for yourself.
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OK LFR, I leave it in your capables. I would never have thought to check for a Rockies game. Close to the CC works better for me anyway -- I work only a few blocks away but my knowledge of downtown bars is limited to those I listed above I'm afraid!
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One of these years I will make it to a WorldCon (if only to compare and contrast with the 2500+ MiniCons of the early 1990s), but not this year. I have parental duties that weekend (two kids, two places simultaneously) and tickets to a ballgame through Mr R (fortunately, the game is not contemporaneous with the multiple places).

artw: yes. :) It's also about fandom. and probably a dozen other things.
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So, uh, do we have a place? Not sure how much of a pain net access will be when I get there.
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I'm not going to be able to make it (1% chance I may). Here's some suggestions:

Rock Bottom
Marlowes (sells Odell's 90 Shilling on tap which is delish)

But you're better off seeing what LoneFrontRanger suggests.

Have great time y'all!
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Marlowe's is fantastic, Rock Bottom is a chain, but it's still pretty decent. The Mercury Cafe is weird, funky and perhaps a tad far from the convention centre.

And then there's this place. At Denver Worldcon, vodka infuses YOU!
posted by lonefrontranger at 7:12 PM on August 5, 2008

I don't think I can make this one either, unfortunately. I may try to organize something in Boulder in September.
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