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Meet up in Charlotte, NC?

I'm new to the area and would like to meet some people. If anyone is interested in having a meet up in the Charlotte area, let me know and we can plan something.
posted by All.star to MetaFilter Gatherings at 6:18 AM (26 comments total)

Hm. Durhamite here. Maybe. But it'd be a trek. However, I do have kin in the area I could probably stay with, so if it's on a weekend, I might be able to swing it. Sounds fun to me!
posted by Stewriffic at 7:48 AM on September 9, 2008

What date are you thinking of?
posted by orange swan at 9:42 AM on September 9, 2008

I hadn't really got that far yet - just wanted to see if there would be interest first. But if Stewriffic is gonna come, it'll need to be on a weekend. So maybe a weekend in October? Any suggestions?
posted by All.star at 11:21 AM on September 9, 2008

Well, y'all go ahead and make a plan, and then I'll see how it goes from this end.
posted by Stewriffic at 2:02 PM on September 9, 2008

Hey, All.star, I'm in. Just avoid the weekend of 10/11 cause you won't be able to get from K-town to Charlotte because of race traffic.
posted by Sweetie Darling at 7:18 PM on September 9, 2008

I'll be in town on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Anyone feel like holding off 'til then?
posted by HotPatatta at 7:56 PM on September 9, 2008

We could always plan more than one, HotPatatta. And infact, I would love to since I am currently friendless in this new state.

How about Sat. October 25?

I would prefer an afternoon get together rather than an evening. Any ideas for where to meet (some place with delicious food, preferably with some vegetarian options)?
posted by All.star at 8:54 AM on September 10, 2008

Shoot, there's a good chance that I'll be in Charlotte Thanksgiving weekend, too.
posted by MrMoonPie at 9:19 AM on September 10, 2008

Is that Sat the 29th of November? Like I said above, I'm happy to plan 2 meet ups.
posted by All.star at 9:54 AM on September 10, 2008

I'm planning a fall trip to Charlotte, but not sure when yet. If it happens to fall during one of the meet ups, I might be game.

Random question someone may know the answer to: Are there really no longer any Mellow Mushrooms in Charlotte?
posted by bristolcat at 8:18 AM on September 11, 2008

Mellow Mushroom being a restaurant/pizzeria, that is. I'm not actually asking about mushrooms.
posted by bristolcat at 8:18 AM on September 11, 2008

Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and say we'll have a meet up on Saturday, October 25 at 1PM at Brixx Pizza.

Let me know if you can make it, so I know about how many people to expect.
posted by All.star at 9:28 AM on September 11, 2008

Hey, bristolcat, all the Mellow Mushrooms are gone, I think, a victim of over-expanding too quickly and the rising cost of ingredients (they tried to skimp on less expensive cheese, IIRC, and their sales took a dive).

The Observer did a fairly substantial story about the owners, but their free archives suck and I suspect it's not available. Here's a Biz Jnl story from '07: http://charlotte.bizjournals.com/charlotte/stories/2007/06/04/tidbits1.html, but I think the situation has changed since then. The Carmel Road location is now a Hawthorne's and the one in Cotswold is some other independent pizza/food place. I can't remember whether the one in NoDa is still open.
posted by Sweetie Darling at 10:56 AM on September 11, 2008

All.sar, have you found a job yet? If you'd like to send me your resume via MeFi mail, I'd be happy to make some suggestions/
posted by Sweetie Darling at 11:24 AM on September 11, 2008

Sweetie Darling, thanks so much for the info. I moved away a year ago and had heard that they were closing down like crazy. I hope the one in Asheville is still there! I weep for the ones that are gone, though.
posted by bristolcat at 11:49 AM on September 11, 2008

Well, pooh, turns out my inlaws (entire extended in-law family, actually, YIKES) are going to be in town on the 25th, so I'll have to pass. Any reconsideration to Thanksgiving weekend? Although, don't rearrange the world on my account if that works for everyone else; I'll catch the next one. (And all.star, I still owe you a reply to your MeFi mail... just overloaded these days.)
posted by Sweetie Darling at 9:20 AM on October 6, 2008

Safest bet for me in Charlotte would be Friday, November 28th.
posted by MrMoonPie at 9:40 AM on October 6, 2008

Darn, I'll be there the week before Thanksgiving.
posted by bristolcat at 11:50 AM on October 6, 2008

I'll be there
posted by demlabs at 5:33 PM on October 14, 2008

I'll make some kind of MeFi sign to have on the table so we can all find each other. :)

Anyone else coming on Saturday?!?!
posted by All.star at 12:47 PM on October 23, 2008

Not I. But I will be there Friday the 28th, if someone else wants to make arrangements. I'm afraid it's been so long since I've lived in charlotte that I wouldn't know where to meet. I mean, the Knife and Fork is gone, right?
posted by MrMoonPie at 2:01 PM on October 23, 2008

I was 10 minutes late... hope I didn't miss anyone!
posted by All.star at 12:12 PM on October 25, 2008

All.star, does that mean you got stood up? Should we try again Thanksgiving weekend?
posted by Sweetie Darling at 7:51 AM on October 26, 2008

Didn't see anyone. But like I said, I was 10 minutes late, so not sure if that had anything to do with it. On the bright side, I had a really awesome dish of pasta. :)

I'm game for Thanksgiving weekend.
posted by All.star at 4:28 PM on October 26, 2008

I wanted to come, but ended up working, so sad.

Def game for Thanksgiving Week, but would suggest we consider doing it on a weeknight (Less crowded pretty much everywhere)
posted by aristan at 12:05 AM on November 3, 2008

We doing this? I'd like to do this. I'll be looking for something to do Friday afternoon/evening. Really. Get me out of my mom's house.


posted by MrMoonPie at 10:38 PM on November 21, 2008

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