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Columbus, Ohio meetup?

Anyone up for a gathering somewhere in Columbus, sometime in October? I was thinking Friday the 17th, but am pretty flexible. I don't post on mefi a lot, but read a ton and would love to meet some cool new people.

I'm up for suggestions on a location - maybe the Winking Lizard? Or someplace cool downtown (restaurant/bar/whatever).
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I've thought about asking about this before, but I didn't think there'd be much of a response. So, good work getting it going, lohmannn. I'd be up for something on the 17th (as would my non MeFite wife probably). I wouldn't mind the winking lizard (actually, aren't there two?), but would prefer something a little less chainy. Centrally located for ease of travel for all, and likely to not have a band on Friday so we could talk, would be plusses. So, suggestions: Novaks, Park St. Patio, Bristol Bar. A little divier and quieter: St. James Tavern, O'Reillys. Good places but likely to have bands: Ravari Room, Rhumba Cafe. I'm willing to be as flexible or opinionated as necessary to get something worked out :)
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Ooh, Surly Girl! That's were we could go, actually. Great food, reasonable prices, wide beer selection, friendly to all ages and dispositions, on high street in the short north. As long as there weren't more than six or eight of us...it gets dicey in there with a big group.
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OK, it sounds like you know a lot more about this city than I (only moved here a year ago), so whatever you suggest sounds good to me! My roommate is going to come too, so we have 4 already. Sweet.
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Sounds good to me. Let's hope the electricity is back on by then.
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Another vote here for the Surly Girl - in fact, I may be headed over there tonight, it's movie night! (The Werewolf Versus The Vampire Woman!)
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I expect some MeFites will be in town for the ASIST conference which runs October 24-29 in Columbus, Ohio. Since the conference proper starts on Sunday, it's likely the majority of attendees will start showing up around Saturday.
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Count me in. And to Otis: electric went on at about 6pm in my part of Dublin. Hang in there.
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OK, Surly Girl it is. I added the date to the meetup sidebar.
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I should be able to make it, but I'll know for certain once I get the syllabi for my classes and figure out what's going on that week.
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I'll be there! And we have another mefite who is probably driving her family and personal belongings here as we speak, so hopefully she'll be able to come as well!
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Woo! I also sent a message to codger who apparently used to, or used to try, organizing meetups here in columbus. Hopefully he'll join us.
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Well, tried once at least. Please, lohmannn, run with it. I'll watch for the updates and perhaps I could make it.
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I submit since that we now seem to have a group of perhaps ten or more (which is surprising to me and also excellent!), we should think about picking another venue besides the Surly Girl. The place is quite small and quite popular, with about twelve tables seating four to six and room for about fifteen more people at the bar in the main area (best picture I could find but still not great for getting a sense of the space, sorry). It is likely to be constantly full on a Friday night, and we might have to wait longer than we'd like to fit a big group close together. There's a more open space at the back with a few more tables. Unless the space at the back is available--which will be, as I said, iffy--there's only one narrow crowded corridor between tables and bar and there likely won't be any way for people at different tables to mingle, if we can't get seated together. My opinion is that it would be possible to fit a big group in there (I've done it before, but on a weeknight), but that we might fit more comfortably and have a better, easier time somewhere else. What do you think, Liosliath and other Surly Girl veterans?
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Hm, you're probably right. Betty's is the same way, minus the table in the back. I'm up for other suggestions...
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Alright, I'll leave it up to you veterans.
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What about the Blue Danube? Drinks are cheap, and they have a couple big tables between the rows of booths. I haven't been there on a Friday night in quite some time, so I have no idea how busy it is - anybody else have any idea?
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Fridays at the Dube do get pretty busy.
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It doesn't matter so much if it's busy as long as it's not tiny and more of a stand up and mingle kind of place, you know? The Dube is not tiny, but it is pretty much a sit down sort of joint during the week (when I order a giant Dube Dog slathered with chili, followed shortly thereafter by gastrointestinal distress). Does it get more standupish on the weekend? Do you think we'd have a chance of grabbing one of the big tables? Are we collectively ready to have our hipness credibility evaluated by some of Columbus's hippest bargoers? Anyway, the Dube would be fine with me, especially since I live three blocks away.

But, please consider my newest, bestest idea: Round Bar, next to the Claremont in German Village. Pro: Never seen more than five people in the place even on a weekend, awesome art decoish booths, name doesn't lie: bar is round, friendly bartenders. Con: Smallish if randomly busy, moderately pricy, attached to Best Western hotel. I went there with twelve or so old highschool friends a few months ago and it was the perfect venue for laid back conversation type bargoing. It's also within easy walking distance of places like Beck Tavern and HighBeck's if we get bored or it doesn't work out.
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What time will the meetup happen, anyway?
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Doesn't matter to me.
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I don't care either, but I will suggest 7:38 to start discussion.

Also, I support the Round Bar. I used to ride the bus past it, and can testify to its being curiously round, which is good enough for me.
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I might be able to make it, if you'll consider letting a Cincy mefite in.

Actually, I lived in Columbus a couple of years, and this would be a decent excuse to visit. I was a big fan of The Blue Danube (good call, thejanna), but wherever's clever.
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OK, so, tentative start time of 7:38 at the Round Bar?

There is a small, but non-zero, chance that I will not be able to make it due to traveling for work. Right now I rate my chances of attending at 90%.
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Sure, Rykey, come on down!

I've only been to the Round Bar once, and it was long ago - can someone remind me whether or not there is food there? I need to know if I should be grabbing something to eat beforehand...
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I am late to this thread and the new to Columbus mefite of which thejanna speaks. I don't know anything about Columbus, so far, expect for the eight block radius around my place and where the closest Target is. As long as where we go is on googlemaps, I am there (though not so late, as I have a little one). Yay! And Janna, we'll connect soon!
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I just noticed that the Round Bar is in my neighborhood--which means the newbie won't get lost on her first Columbus outing, so I am for the Round Bar, of which I know nothing else.
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thejanna, there is no food at the Round Bar. I'll see everyone at 7:38!
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Wish I could make it to this one. Have a great time!
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Well, I'm going to be there for sure, along with my roommate and his girlfriend. I hope to meet all of you then!
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I'm sans car/transportation at the moment and so apparently missing out. :\ I hope everyone has a lot of fun and posts some pictures!
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Thanks everyone for coming out! A good time was had by all.
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