Some of the new words included in the Oxford English Dictionary online January 18, 2002 11:30 PM   Subscribe

Girl power, grrrl, riot girl, f*** me . . . just some of the new words included in the Oxford English Dictionary online.
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1) Bottledbliss, that a pretty good article -- I think it would've been fine for the front page. If you were posting it here because you were worried that maybe it wasn't front page material, well ... you shouldn't post things in MetaTalk because you don't think they are good enough for MetaFilter. (I bet someone else will find a link to previous discussions on this topic.)

2) Why grrrl with three "r"s rather than just two?
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The canonical spelling of "riot grrrl" (with three "r"s) comes from a zine of that name published in 1991, which served to popularize the term. More about riot grrrls at Experience Music Project.
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I think 'The canonical spelling of riot grrrl' would be a great title for a poem.

This is why I don't write poetry.
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Also making an entrance is the expression "f*** me", listed as an adjective because it is used in phrases such as "wearing f*** me shoes".

i love that this is not only in the OED, but it's classified as an adjective!

i wonder if this is the secondary definition of "f*** me". after all, the primary definition of "f*** me" has got to be: "an exclamation frequently uttered when someone suddenly realizes that they are deeply and truly fucked".
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"Fuck-me shoes" (or more commonly "fuck-me pumps") goes back to at lleast the sixties and probably beyond. I've never heard it in any other context. If it's an adjective, so is "fuck you" in the expression "fuck-you money" (as in, "I made good money, but it wasn't fuck-you money").
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