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[WestHollywood Meetup?] Hi! I'm Melody! And I'm going to be in West Hollywood this weekend for work. It's my first time in LA. Would you like to have brunch on Sunday?

I've never been to LA and I'm flying there for a TV pilot on Monday. But I have the weekend free, I'm bad with directions, and I don't really know anyone in LA.

I also don't have a car. I'm staying at the London West Hollywood. If anyone's around, or knows of anything going on within walking distance -- or would like to have brunch and/or show a gal around, please let me know (and if you come to Chi, I'm happy to return the favor...)

PS: How bout 10ish AM on Sunday? :P

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This is pretty short notice and I'll probably be exhausted from the Apocalyptic High Homecoming the night before, but it is in my neck of the woods, so I might be able to make it Sunday morning, depending where you're planning on holding court.
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I'll talk to my girlfriend, but I think we're going to the baby shower of another mefite on Sunday. Here are some brunch ideas though.
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Since I am about a 5 minute walk from the London West Hollywood I'd probably be available for something, but with such short notice it might be tough to get a bunch of people together. Let's see how many think they can make it.

Although 10:00am on a Sunday... does the world exist before noon on Sunday? I sure haven't seen it in a while!
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"PS: How bout 10ish AM on Sunday? :P"

I understand the individual words you have chosen, but the order you have placed them in makes no sense to me. A typo, perhaps? Did you mean PM? I realize that A and P are pretty far apart on the keyboard, but that still makes more sense than getting up before noon on the weekend :P

PS you have defeated me at Flickr. For now...
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Hi! You people sleep too late!!! :P I do not know where to hold court, however (but I do like that term...hahaha) Would noon be better? I know nothing about this area...so you'll have to say things like "Mel, make a left after walking 30 feet after making a right out of your hotel..." or just send a google map.
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Yes, noon is more like it. I'm going to be partying vigorously saturday night. Where's your hotel?
posted by mullingitover at 8:42 PM on October 3, 2008

There's quite a lot within walking distance of London West Hollywood depending on what you consider walking distance. If you're a coffee person there's Urth Caffe about half a mile down san Vincente. My favorite place for Sunday brunch/lunches is more down in the Beverly/3rd street area (places like Kings Road Cafe, Toast, etc) but that might be a bit far for hoofing it at a mile and a quarter.

Ambrosia Cafe is very close the the LWH but I've never actually eaten/gotten coffee there so I don't know how good it is. There are also a bunch of little coffee places and cafes just down San Vincente at the Santa Monica intersection.

Did you want something within a couple blocks or...?

Mullingitover: London West Hollywood is at San Vicente and Sunset.
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One thing to keep in mind; a LOT of these places are going to be just packed with people on Sunday mornings to early afternoon. If that's not something you feel like dealing with it would limit the choices a bit.
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Hello! I don't mind walking, and I know where San Monica is! I must say, though, that your city seems to require a car, and I don't have a car -- so today I walked around, but I have no sense of LA yet. Whaddaya think?
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I've heard good things abotu Urth. But then, I can't make it at noon (like I said, baby shower). Ten, I could make it if I wasn't likely to drink tonight. But I'm already drunk, so that's not likely.

Anyway, Urth is probably walking distance if you live in real Chicago; probably not if you live in, like, Berwyn or some shit and aren't used to walking in a city. Like, if you grew up in LA, you'd drive, because it's further than you can see from the sidewalk in front of your hotel.
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It's only 6:00pm, klang, you might want to pace yourself!

If you want a taste of trendy coffee shop L.A. Urth cafe is a good bet and not that far, half a mile south on San Vincente to Melrose and then maybe an eight or a quarter mile east on melrose at Westmount. It will be completely packed on a Sunday morning. But everywhere decent in the area is likely to be packed.

Basix cafe is about 3/4 of a mile directly east of London West Hollywood if you wanted less of a coffee shop type cafe. To get there you would go like a block or a block and a half east on Sunset, continue straight east on Holloway (sunset peels off to the left) for half a mile, then go maybe a quarter mile straight east on Santa Monica (Holloway runs right into it) until you get to Flores and its on the corner.

Doesn't sound like many people are available on short notice, and Klangklangston sounds like he is going to party pretty hard tonight. So if you just want to walk around yourself and explore that's cool. But if you want to see if a couple people can get together, pick a place and time and we'll see if anybody commits in the next, uh, few hours. I could likely make it at anytime from 10:00am to whenever anywhere in the area, but I have the advantage of being in walking distance to all of it so it all depends on the folks who have to drive.
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Would if I could. Have fun in LA!
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I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. I'm downtown and I'm a freak who only relies on public transit (and friends) so West Hollywood is a little far out from me. But I'll keep up with the thread and see what's proposed.
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Let's see, there's Jinky's Cafe, which is about a half mile away if you don't mind the walk. Jinky's has great food, isn't very expensive, and has ample seating. I don't know what the crowd will be like on a weekend. I've only ever been there around noon on weekdays. But that's my suggestion. And I vote for noon.
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I think the crowd is likely to be more manageable at Jinky's than at Urth or similar. But I've also never been there on a weekend. Works for me, though. Like I said, anywhere in the area is fine.
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I'll just explore on my own, I suppose. The time I have to get to the backlot keeps changing...oh Hollywood (and I live in real Chicago, and lived in real Philly before that -- I know my walking cities. :P)
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I'm totally up for a meetup if anyone if you're still interested....noon at Jinky's would work great for me. What time do you have to be at the studio? Let's see if we can make this happen, y'all!
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Hmm, it's 10:00am now. Guess it just didn't come together in time!
posted by Justinian at 9:57 AM on October 5, 2008

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