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Time for a meet up in Auckland, NZ?

I know there are fellow metafites in the city of sails, and I don't ever recall there being a meet-up for Jafas in the whole time I've been on metafilter. Possibly somewhere in the city? I'm envisioning somewhere which serves [good] beer and [good] pizza.

So PQR bar corner of K-Road and Symonds Street, or Car-Park at the bottom of Nelson Street near the Viaduct, also there is a place on Queen Street who's name escapes me. Or suggest an alternative.

So location: ____ tbc
Date: ____ open to suggestions, but in the next month?
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This sounds like an excellent idea. An after-work meetup during the week (Mon to Fri) would work well for me, probably before the end of October.

Another place I like to hang out is Galbraiths in Mt Eden road, although might be too far up for those that work in the city? They brew their own tasty tasty beer and large tables are easy to get on weeknights, although it can be kind of busy on Friday.

We did actually have a meetup a few years ago and the Auckland mefites are lovely. What seemed to work was emailing (or now I guess mefimailing) people behind the scenes to drum up interest. The geolocatory thing in our profiles is a good starting place. Email me if you want help.
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You probably don't want to wait this long, but I will be there immediately after Christmas. Maybe I'll ask about another meetup then...
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