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New Orleans meetup? Hubby and I will be in the Big Easy from Oct 17 - 19 and we'd like to buy y'all that beer I promised.

We'll be at the Astor Crown Plaza Hotel, 739 Canal Street, and we won't have a car so can you recommend a good venue within walking distance? Dinner before beer would be good too.

How about sauntering over to Preservation Hall afterward? Doors open at 8 and there are shows every night. I dearly love that crowded, funky place and I'm seriously jonesing for some Dixieland jazz, so how about shoehorning ourselves in for a concert?

Other suggestions welcome too, of course. We hope to meet you in the Crescent City!
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Unfortunately, I'm on call that weekend. But if my sad business requires me to go down to the city, I'll try to look y'all up. Have a great weekend! If I can make any suggestions, let me know.
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Quietgal is going offline and requested this be closed since she was likely to miss any plans made, so this is me doing that.
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