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Los Angeles Meetup for Bootie LA on November 1st. Who's in?

Yes, I know that there's a significant portion of the Metafilter population that's sick of mashups. Yes, I know that we're all pasty internet nerds who can't dance. Yes, I know that I've failed to attend the last two meetups that I've proposed.

Having said that, I've been having a lot of fun attending Bootie LA, and I'm willing to bet that at least of few of you could also have fun there. The next event is the after-Halloween show on November 1st, and I'm proposing that we meet somewhere for a late dinner and then head to the Echoplex for drinks and dancing.

I guarantee only the finest of fun and good times. Also, alcohol.
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A weekend meetup? I'm in.
posted by contraption at 11:09 AM on October 16, 2008

Well I guess I'll go along, Mr. Decider!

I have one big complaint about mashup music, however. NOT ENUF TMBG hahaha *snurt snurt adjusts glasses*
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I'd love to, but this is the same night. Justice, Soulwax, Simian Mobile Disco, Boys Noize, Crystal Castles, and Crookers under one roof? I'm afraid there's no way I can miss that...
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Ooh, I'm off the hook. It's the night BEFORE. (Hello, brain!)
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It's on.
posted by mullingitover at 5:14 PM on October 16, 2008

I am totally down for this.
posted by pazazygeek at 11:18 PM on October 16, 2008

I am old. What is this mashup phenomenon you speak of? Do they have defibrillators on hand in case my heart cannot take the youthful exuberance involved?

Oh, wait... there's alcohol? Yeah ok, I'll try to be there.
posted by miss lynnster at 12:34 AM on October 17, 2008

Ok, now that the ball is rolling, does anyone have any suggestions for where to meet for food beforehand? My thoughts:

If we have any vegetarians/vegans in the group, Pure Luck isn't that far of a drive, it has a decent selection of beer, and it's right across from Scoops (the best ice cream shop in Los Angeles). The food there is good enough that I (an avowed non-veg) find myself searching for vegan friends so that I'll have an excuse to eat there. Also, it's cheap.

Anyone have other suggestions for where to eat?
posted by Parasite Unseen at 8:48 AM on October 17, 2008

I guarantee only the finest of fun and good times. Also, alcohol.

A fun guarantee? That's kinda serious business. You shouldn't throw those around lightly. I can't make this (for legitimate reasons this time, not just the typical 'I don't want all the other LA mefites to find out what an asshole I am'), but I hope for your sake this is fun. The last time I witnessed someone not follow through on a fun guarantee it was quite ugly.
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dogwalker: I didn't just guarantee fun, I guaranteed the very finest of fun, with a massive serving of good times on the side.

That's a guarantee you can take to the bank. The sort of bank that won't be requiring a government bailout, even. The First Federal Bank of Awesome.
posted by Parasite Unseen at 9:18 AM on October 17, 2008

I'm not big on dancing, but Thin Lizzy and I are down for at least dinner, and possibly nodding our heads in a nonchalant manner to the mashups.
posted by Bookhouse at 11:13 AM on October 17, 2008

Lemme talk to the girl.

Some things: I love love Pure Luck's food, but after going there for another MeFite's birthday, we realized that it's an incredibly frustrating place for a group to go on a weekend. Like, first off, the line was so far out the door that most of the party had to stand outside. Second, everyone orders separately at the counter, so it's hard to coordinate getting dishes. Third, we had to wait about an hour to get a table for more than four people (basically, waiting for enough other folks to leave, so that we could cram things together in the corner).

Again, I love the food there, it's fantastic, and I'll be up for giving it another try, but it's not really suited to groups, especially impromptu groups. I just checked, and they don't take reservations, but if folks are serious, they might call and try to plead their way into one.
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I am already going so yay to having more people there.
posted by jmhodges at 12:19 PM on October 17, 2008

We're getting some decent numbers here. Could this become the greatest meetup of all time? The short answer is: It absolutely will be.

This does, however, drive home klangklangston's point: Pure Luck is not really equipped to handle a group of any considerable size. I know a lot of places to eat in the area, but I'm mostly dining with one to two other people. Does anyone have any ideas for local places to eat that are adept at handling the horde-level group that will no doubt be generated by a bunch of MeFites traveling with their significant others and various hangers-on?
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If I am in town, I will SO be there. (No, really!)
posted by Space Kitty at 4:03 PM on October 17, 2008

Is Bootie LA still at the echoplex? Masa is just around the corner and plenty of space. There's always Barragan's as well.
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 12:47 PM on October 18, 2008

Pure Luck was such a clusterfuck that when it came time to seat us, we discovered they misheard/miswrote table for 8 as table for 3.

For extra fun, speicus and I may be moving into an apartment just up Echo Park Blvd from the Echo, so you could all come help us move earlier that day!
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 12:50 PM on October 18, 2008

Yeah, I am the aforementioned mefite in klangklangston's comment, and I concur with that assessment. Pure Luck = yummy but chaotic. Masa is tasty and veggie-friendly, and Barragan's has margaritas. Both are within walking distance of the echoplex. There's also the Brite Spot (overpriced diner) and Taix (french food + big bar).
posted by speicus at 1:08 PM on October 18, 2008

There are two excellent taco trucks in the vicinity...and a lovely park one block south.

Man, I was hoping this was something down at Sunset Junction, but since it's in walking distance I'm in for dinner and drinks, if not dancing. (I dance like an amputee.)
mandymanwasregistered: I have a pickup, and I think you have my number.
posted by carsonb at 1:24 PM on October 18, 2008

carsonb is so hot right now
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 3:55 PM on October 18, 2008

This sounds like fun, but I'm waiting to hear on some plans for that weekend. If I'm free I'll be there.
posted by ob at 4:31 PM on October 18, 2008

If it starts at 9 and is $5 cover until 10, shall we meet at Masa at 8?
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 7:10 PM on October 19, 2008

Masa at 8, and then over to the Echoplex. It's also worth noting that the first 75 people to get into Bootie every evening receive a free Bootie mashup CD. We might be able to get our hands on some of those.
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Would anyone like to meet up with me for dinner or a cocktail tomorrow? I'm coming down to USC for just two meetings, and I'll be done right at rush hour, so I'd rather kill time than head directly home to Ventura at the traffickiest time of day. About 6?
posted by Ambrosia Voyeur at 5:16 PM on October 23, 2008

Yes, I know that we're all pasty internet nerds who can't dance.

No, I can pretty much dance, despite my pastiness.

That said, I may be the only person in the world for whom Saturdays don't really work (which is sad, since this is more or less in my neighborhood).
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Okay, so I'm going to be heading out to Nevada to work for the Obama campaign there for a few days starting on the 1st. Boo. Bowing out again.
posted by jmhodges at 9:00 AM on October 28, 2008

I have one big complaint about mashup music, however. NOT ENUF TMBG hahaha *snurt snurt adjusts glasses*

Here ya go.
posted by davejay at 6:19 PM on October 28, 2008

oh, and maybe I'll be there, maybe not, depending on how babysitter arrangements go and whether I decide to go rollerskating instead because I am old-timey
posted by davejay at 6:23 PM on October 28, 2008

speicus and I will definitely be there for the Masa segment of the evening and possibly the bootie portion, depending on energy levels and such.
posted by mandymanwasregistered at 1:53 PM on October 29, 2008

I attended Bootie San Francisco last Saturday, and it was a great show. I fully expect that this weekend will be even better, because it's the post-Halloween show and the Echoplex is a superior venue to the DNA Lounge.

Also, Masa beforehand. This meetup has something for everyone!
posted by Parasite Unseen at 4:09 PM on October 29, 2008

I'm in! Woo-hoo!
posted by Space Kitty at 3:31 PM on October 31, 2008

I'm in! Woo-hoo! out. Miserable allergies. *cough*
posted by Space Kitty at 2:35 PM on November 1, 2008

I have to sit in at a jazz club tonight (working towards getting a gig) so I can't make it. :(

Hope you have a blast. I just passed Masa yesterday so I was excited to finally go there, but oh well. Rain check! (Literally!)

BTW, if any of you guys want to be on my mailing list when I start performing again, let me know.
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Sorry guys, Bookhouse and I left slightly abruptly. (Right as we were really getting somewhere on the Lemmies!) Something I ate/drank made me feel bad... which was a bummer because it's always fun to hang out with you guys. We'll see you at the next meet-up!

I think I've ruled out the pizza. Did anyone else have a honey pale ale?
posted by Thin Lizzy at 11:21 PM on November 1, 2008

Huh, I started to feel bad at some point too and assumed I had just overeaten... but maybe it was some pizza/ale combo? I had the IPA and also ganked a slice of the pizza with jalapenos, whatever that was (tasty).

Anyway, that was fun! Apologies to Parasite Unseen for being unfashionably late, and not going dancing (see previous paragraph).

More eastside meetups plz!
posted by speicus at 9:29 PM on November 3, 2008

forwarded from my email to my classmates:

me: Hey kids!
kids: what.
me: Would you like to spend Sunday evening watching a monster movie that can't possibly make you - yecchh - lleeeeeaaarn?
kids: YAY!

It's the premiere of The Lost Skeleton Returns Again! at The Egyptian Theater, to be preceded by the hilariously, deliberately bad original, that paramount paragon among fakey films, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra! Dialogue! Action! Aliens! All! To be followed by discussion with Larry Blamire and his cast! WOWSH! I mean... GOSH AND WOW! rowr.

See! The trailer for the original here!
See! The... um... ten? Really, TEN? uh kay... trailers for the sequel here.

Then buy! Tickets from Fandango and contact me so we can meet!

posted by Ambrosia Voyeur at 5:32 PM on November 6, 2008

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