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South Florida Meetup - December 2008 - Post your date/place preferences below...

Tried to organize a South Florida Meetup back in 2007, but never happened :-(

Please post which day is most convenient and also recommend a place to meet up.

Vote on one of the following days:

Thursday, December 11th
Friday, December 12th
Saturday, December 13th
Sunday, December 14th

As for place; vote for a general location and/or a specific place (e.g. Miami Lakes; Miami Beach; Ft. Lauderdale; "John the Baker" in Pembroke Pines; etc...)
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You might want to try messaging users in your area to see if there's interest in meeting up- not everybody keeps up with Metatalk. I think there also might be a meetup somewhere in the Tampa area around Christmas, if you feel like traveling.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 2:54 PM on November 11, 2008 [1 favorite]

I'm currently free on all of those dates. I'd prefer someplace that is easy to get to.
posted by JustKeepSwimming at 12:25 PM on November 12, 2008

I expect to be free on those dates as well. No preference for location.
posted by Green With You at 1:18 PM on November 16, 2008

Not sure if I'll be available those days, but I'll keep watching this thread. Would prefer somewhere centrally located though.
posted by casarkos at 7:21 PM on November 20, 2008

Yikes, just found this. Nice idea, but seems there are not many of us.
posted by eas98 at 1:39 PM on December 16, 2008

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