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Vaguely Obsolete Mp3 hardware request (or: Help A London MeFighter)

I don't know how many of you know my other half, liquidindian, from round here and MeFightClub. Basically, he got mugged tonight. They took his iPod and his wallet, and I've just been on the phone to him and feel really awful about living an hour's train ride away. The thing is, I already bought his Christmas present and now have no money - what I really want to do is replace his iPod. I remember how completely excited he was when he bought it, and even though I'm more worried about the kicks to the head he got, I really wish I could replace it to make things a little better. So I was wondering if anyone has upgraded recently and might want to sell on an old iPod that I can give to him to make things better. I share his eBay account, so that isn't an option, and I feel MeFi folk might be more honest than a lot of online cowboys.

I would have organised an actual whipround but all our circle are a bit poor just now :)
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This post was deleted for the following reason: sorry about the mugging, but this is a bad idea for metafilter -- mathowie

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