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November 20

mefi nonprofit - project update for November 19

The group planning the transition to make MetaFilter a nonprofit held its first meeting Nov. 15. This is a brief update to keep you all up to date with the progress made. [more inside]

November 17

2023 Secret Beans Gift Swap Thank You Post

Thank You Internet Stranger for your most wonderful and precious gift . . . [more inside]

November 15

[MeFi Site Update] November 15th

Hi there, MetaFilter!

Welcome to your monthly Site Update! You can find the last Site Update here.

Reminder: I will be the only mod actively monitoring this thread so please be patient. I’ll reply to your feedback and questions at least twice a week. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions! [more inside]

November 14

I swear, I saw it with my own two eyes.....

I'm interested in hearing your stories of things you've seen that no one else perhaps saw, or that you have no proof of, either good or bad but preferably good. [more inside]

November 9

2023 MeFi Holiday Card Exchange

It's the 7th MeFi Holiday Card Exchange! [more inside]

November 4

Western Europe storm check

How's everyone doing? [more inside]

November 3

Did I mis-remember or does this Mefi post exist? [holiday gift list]

I remember at least two MeFI posts about an annual gift/list and/or catalogue that was full of ridiculously expensive and very niche holiday gifts and the author of the link to the article(s) was just delightfully sassy and salty about the entire list and the associated prices. [more inside]

November 1

healthcare more like HELLthcare am I right

Hi (US only) friends! It's health insurance decision season for most of us and we live in a grim dystopia where everything is expensive and nothing makes sense. Employer-sponsored benefits are something I know enough to be helpful about (I hope!) and I'm here volunteering my ability to speak the language, if you need it. [more inside]

October 30

MeFi Nonprofit -- Volunteers, Purpose, Name

Now that we have formed an interim board to become a MeFi nonprofit, we can move on to a few next items. [more inside]

October 27

MetaFilter is Hiring!

MetaFilter is hiring a part-time Web Developer. [more inside]

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